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Asexual · (she/her) · Vore Writer

Hello! Welcome to my little world away from the world, you can call me Dulce. I write silly things, sweet things, wonderfully weird things—I write endearingly erotic literature for your comfort and your pleasure.

I specialize in the kind and the cuddly! Non-fatal scenarios and wholesome, consensual interactions are my bread and butter. But I write stories about wherever my mind takes me, so depending on what idea pops into my head, sometimes things will get a little darker, a little moodier.

Make sure to read the tags! I tag all my work thoroughly so don't be afraid to look through my gallery and find something you like.

Not much else to say, but thanks for stopping by! ♥

Notice: None of the art on my gallery is mine, it was either commissioned by me, or gifted to me! I am just a writer, the original talented artists deserve all the love!

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LivesInAStomach's Blog - Birthday! Posted 3 weeks ago

Today is my birthday! Well, actually, since I'm a robot I suppose it's more of a "buildday" than a birthday... but yes! Hooray to another year. And I'm still writing stories, don't worry. <3

I'm also using this as a sort of milestone report! We recently hit 5,000 favorites, and we also JUST recently hit 300,000 views, with a little over 600 watchers in total. Those numbers are slightly inflated since it includes traffic from images I've commissioned, and it doesn't all come from content that I've directly created, but I'm still very proud! I want to sincerely thank all of my readers and supporters, I seriously couldn't ask for a better fan base. <3

(P.S... if you're interested in joining a discord server based on my writing, where you can hang out,...
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Posted by StomachLovingLeah 3 weeks ago Report

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I'm sure you will!~ Hell, thanks to you I made my first story on here have a perma-endo fate! I hope I can impress on here as well! :D


Posted by StomachLovingLeah 3 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

Of course!~
You're by far my favorite writer on here, haven't found anyone who can write long-term and perma endo better than you~


Posted by DesertJune 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

Haha lol what can I say, I love well executed wholesome mute characters in fantasy settings and your story was exactly that and more :p

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Posted by Observance 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

You're welcome, I'm very happy to have found your gallery!


Posted by Mechdragon1k 4 months ago Report

Have you ever thought about porting your work to furaffinity, I tried to rec your work to someone on that site and they said they did not want to touch aryion because of the under age content.

Also have you checked inconspicuous raptor work out


Posted by LeHeart 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

Why thank you! Very happy to hear so and right back at you! Your stories are a great read :D


Posted by VenusMoonstone23 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

You are welcome!


Posted by Hawkeye7 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

I'll DM you too :)


Posted by jamobo 5 months ago Report

Thank you for the fav! I loved your Voretober series, it was very well written!


Posted by Luna2120 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav! Hope you enjoyed the story!


Posted by Birichino 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

No problem! It looks like you have some interesting ideas!

[ Reply ]


Posted by Choronsan 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To LivesInAStomach

No problem! Your character is fun to draw :P

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