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I write smut. Lots of F/F with lots of digestion and varying levels of fatality. Also some F/M that attempts to be romantic and is generally non-fatal. Also women with penises both mating with and devouring (usually with aforementioned penises) males and females. It's a bit of a mixed bag around here so make sure you read the tags!

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“C’mooon,” Caroline said, patting the seat on the couch next to her. “You gotta watch this show. It’s sooo good.”
She did this kind of thing a lot. Zeke had to wonder if she was secretly into him, though it was far more likely she didn’t even see him as a remotely sexual being. At least, that’s what he told himself so he didn’t so something stupid when Caroline playfully beckoned him towards an innocuous activity while wearing hotpants and a

If Ignea had been a feral creature, the night would have been the perfect cover for her predatory prowling. She certainly seemed in her element as she stalked through the shadows of the streetlights, clad in pitch black fur that made her almost invisible in the evening darkness. It was an impressive showing given her size, seven and a half feet of pure muscle honed to perfection despite the peaceful urban lifestyle she lived. The pantheress walked with definitive pride and each step seemed to sa

“Ah, Ms. Lira. Another appointment today?” The receptionist looked up from her computer, leaving one hand on her computer while the other moved to her belly. It was large and heavily rounded, and it stretched her blouse and suit jacket to its limits.
“Yeah. Once again.” The woman on the other side of the counter looked at the fingers rubbing the rotund belly with a melancholy look. The sadness in her gaze only intensified as the smooth surface of the receptionist’s

Boring, James thought, his thumb flicking a button on the remote. Rerun. Another button click. Why is this even a show? He looked down at the table to a game controller and wondered if he could bring himself to replay any of his old games. Four years of college and I'm stuck sitting here. Great.
Ah, the curse of the suburbs. Quiet, leisurely, but where the hell was he supposed to get a job that didn't involve flipping burgers or stocking shelves? Even those were hard to come by in his neck of th

The video begins with the camera shaking and a pair of female voices hurriedly whispering as the cell phone responsible for filming whips through the air. Soon after, the two speakers appear in focus. Unsurprisingly, they’re teenaged girls and are both smiling as wide as can be. The girl on the left is a mousey brunette with long hair and clearly quite a bit taller than her friend, her look completed by a small pair of glasses perched high on her nose. On the right is an equally nerdy youn

It was inevitable, but that didn’t mean it didn’t suck. Kimihito was sick with an intense fever again, though this time it had been slightly less of an ordeal. His quarantine was instituted without a fuss and Suu was assigned as his caretaker just like last time, though even in his haze he could hear the other girls on the other side of the door voicing their worries for his health. Yet despite the smoothness of the process, Kimihito was still a little worried. He couldn’t reme

“Naked yoga, jesus,” Hillary murmured as she shoved her clothes into a locker. “I can’t believe you convinced me this was a good idea, Jill.”
“Oh come on, you’ll love it!” Jill responded jubilantly, slamming the door on her own locker as she walked towards the studio door. Both women were naked from head to toe but Jill stepped through the doorway as if she didn’t have a care in the world. “It’s supposed to be super sensual for co

"Haaah, I can't believe a patient was trying to eat her boyfriend," Diane said as she walked away from the room that housed the police kitsune that had taken a bullet in the side. "She gets shot and still has the energy to try and put a guy in one of her tails. Ridiculous."
Diane sighed heavily as she stopped at the nurse's station, picking up a clipboard that showed her the information on her next patient. She absentmindedly brushed her chin length brown hair behind her ear, only for it to fall

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Posted by MatchlessMantis 6 months ago Report

I'm not particularly in to macro/micro, but after reading one of your pieces, I was absolutely taken in by your skill with vocabulary and anatomy. Makes for some scintillating reading. Wish I had that kind of prowess, but I guess I have a lot of time to develop it. Thank you for making me realize how much I have to learn from good writing!


Posted by rugli 1 year ago Report

Love your style of writing :)

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