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I write smut. Lots of F/F with lots of digestion and varying levels of fatality. Also some F/M that attempts to be romantic and is generally non-fatal. Also women with penises both mating with and devouring (usually with aforementioned penises) males and females. It's a bit of a mixed bag around here so make sure you read the tags!

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Chris stirred from his slumber and his eyes cracked open, his vision remaining hazy for the fractional seconds before they closed again. There was light filtering through the blinds but he didn’t have a reason to be awake, nor did he want to be. Well, it was his birthday. That could serve as something to pull him from beneath the covers, though it was also a perfectly acceptable excuse to curl back up and go to sleep. That was just what Chris proceeded to do, and his head sunk into the pil

Though the noise of running water blotted out most of the sounds Izura listened for she could still hear the chatter coming from her room. She knew four girls sat waiting for her but only two made their presence known with excited banter that far outstripped anything their cohorts were capable of. Izura didn’t think the reluctance of half the group would make much of a difference at the end of the day but it was always something to keep in mind. She did just that as she turned the water of

Though Jack’s eyes opened in an instant, his brain took a couple seconds to catch up. Even when he could process his surroundings, every thought was drowned out by an insistent pounding in his head. Part of the cause was the horrific noise of traffic just outside. Every honk of a car horn was like a grenade going off in Jack’s brain, though he knew they must have been at least two stories below. He was just thankful the light in the room was provided solely by the sun filtering throu

The sun had long since set by the time Mark turned onto the subway stairs and he breathed a heavy sigh. Work had been brutal and all he wanted was to get home, eat, and maybe watch some Netflix. Yet despite the exhaustion making its way through to his very bones, he couldn’t let down his guard. The night bred danger and Mark was but a lone man in the darkness of the big city. He couldn’t believe how alone, honestly. Not a single other soul was in sight or even earshot, creating silen

"Hey, Stace?" Stacy turned to her friend, auburn hair flipping over her shoulder, and hummed questioningly. "Have you ever, you know, vored anybody?"
The suddenness of the inquiry took Stacy aback. "No. Jess, I would have told you if something like that had happened."
"Yeah, I guess you would have." Jess looked towards the ground and rubbed her bare feet together as if she was twiddling her thumbs. Just as Stacy turned away, Jess asked, "Do you want to?"
"It's not like I haven't thought about it

"Come on, cuntstain, you've got to really get in there if you want me to feel it!" She was a young woman, probably seventeen or so, with long blonde hair, perfect skin, and another girl beneath her that was much less conventionally attractive in comparison.
"I'm trying, Annalee! Why do I have to do this?" cried the girl beneath her, her thick glasses askew on the button nose that was wrinkled in digust.
"Because you're Aubrey Fyflecher and you're my bitch! Now less talking, more eating carpet!"

Kuroi could feel her tails flicking restlessly behind her, the six fluffy, white tipped, but otherwise jet black appendages moving almost entirely without input from her thoughts. Her ears were angled sideways as well, and her clawlike fingernails found themselves between her lips, gently but nervously being nibbled on. And what was the cause of her distress, of her rapidly beating heart, of the blood pounding in her twitching, triangular ears? What else would it be but a beautiful woman, one ag

Harvest time always gave Owen a bit of a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach since the incident. The sight of the wheat fields made it even worse and yet Owen repeatedly found himself staring out into the amber waves. As the village weirdo, most people in town regarded this behavior as normal. Even his wife, as recent as their marriage was, simply regarded it as an amusing quirk and a way to cope with his kidnapping. Gods, he loved that woman. Ironic that being kidnapped and used for pleas

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Merry Christmas!


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EEEEEE! Someone that does naga stuff that's non-fatal!


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I'm not particularly in to macro/micro, but after reading one of your pieces, I was absolutely taken in by your skill with vocabulary and anatomy. Makes for some scintillating reading. Wish I had that kind of prowess, but I guess I have a lot of time to develop it. Thank you for making me realize how much I have to learn from good writing!


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Love your style of writing :)

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