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I write smut. Lots of F/F with lots of digestion and varying levels of fatality. Also some F/M that attempts to be romantic and is generally non-fatal. Also women with penises both mating with and devouring (usually with aforementioned penises) males and females. It's a bit of a mixed bag around here so make sure you read the tags!

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“Mommy? Can we play in the water?” Heather turned to look down at her little brown skinned boy and his green eyes stared right back at her. He was strangely deadpan, especially for a child, and his two sisters shared his expression as they, too, awaited Heather’s answer.
“Go ahead.” The kids immediately ran off and suddenly roared to life, their monotone countenances warping into what children were expected to be. Their small, thin bodies jerked and wriggled every w

“So who’s the ball this year?”
“Makes sense.” Britney nodded. Sarah had the biggest dick out of anyone they knew, an impressive feat even for a herm. “Who’s getting dropped?”
“She was the first one to get black out drunk.”
“Also makes sense.” Not that Mitzi got black out drunk, just that the first person to get black out drunk was being made the star of the show. S

Madeline was hitting the eggnog hard. What else was she supposed to do? Her kids were at her ex-husband’s house for Christmas and the only other person she could spend the holiday with was her pet anthro, and she belonged to the kids more than she belonged to Madeline. They’d begged and begged for an anthro and in her competitive, post-divorce state, Madeline hadn’t been able to refuse.
That left Madeline alone in the home with Penny, the husky anthro her children had picked ou

The sight of a slender brunette with a rockin’ ass running through the frat party with a hand over her mouth wasn’t exactly a new sight. She probably wasn’t even the first to do it that night, though no one else had done so with belly full of live human prey. Her bulging gut did little to dissuade most people, many of them smiling or even snickering as she rushed passed. Not even the retching noises she made prevented them from regarding her with delight or lust.
Soon the stuff

This was to be the sixth time Ben had sold his blood. He still didn’t like it, but only because it was illegal. The money was good though, absurdly so, and money was something he needed. Paycheck to paycheck didn’t quite describe him. That had been the status quo until disaster struck and put him behind on his bills. Everything spiraled out of control after that, leaving him desperate enough to seek out bizarre rumors in hopes of a quick cash infusion into his life.
He’d had r

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I don’t know how I did that. I’m new and I hate to ask but do you know how to fix that?


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gib me all the stories!

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Merry Christmas!


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EEEEEE! Someone that does naga stuff that's non-fatal!


Posted by MatchlessMantis 2 years ago Report

I'm not particularly in to macro/micro, but after reading one of your pieces, I was absolutely taken in by your skill with vocabulary and anatomy. Makes for some scintillating reading. Wish I had that kind of prowess, but I guess I have a lot of time to develop it. Thank you for making me realize how much I have to learn from good writing!


Posted by rugli 2 years ago Report

Love your style of writing :)

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