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I write smut. Lots of F/F with lots of digestion and varying levels of fatality. Also some F/M that attempts to be romantic and is generally non-fatal. Also women with penises both mating with and devouring (usually with aforementioned penises) males and females. It's a bit of a mixed bag around here so make sure you read the tags!

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Kuroi could feel her tails flicking restlessly behind her, the six fluffy, white tipped, but otherwise jet black appendages moving almost entirely without input from her thoughts. Her ears were angled sideways as well, and her clawlike fingernails found themselves between her lips, gently but nervously being nibbled on. And what was the cause of her distress, of her rapidly beating heart, of the blood pounding in her twitching, triangular ears? What else would it be but a beautiful woman, one ag

Harvest time always gave Owen a bit of a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach since the incident. The sight of the wheat fields made it even worse and yet Owen repeatedly found himself staring out into the amber waves. As the village weirdo, most people in town regarded this behavior as normal. Even his wife, as recent as their marriage was, simply regarded it as an amusing quirk and a way to cope with his kidnapping. Gods, he loved that woman. Ironic that being kidnapped and used for pleas

“Emmet Dyson?”
“Uhhh?” The trimmed head of dark hair belonging to the man in question looked up from his phone and found a beautiful woman had taken the seat across from him. “Can I help you?”
“I think you can.” Emmet couldn’t help but stare at her. Her skin was immaculate, her hair so intensely black it could make the night jealous, and her eyes were a light, piercing brown almost as clear as crystal. His peripherals told him the rest of her

It was quiet in the forest that day, or at least as quiet as a forest could be. The air was abuzz with the effortless ruckus of birds and insects alike, only occasionally overtaken by a stiff breeze rushing through the canopy. As a new sound began mixing in with the natural chatter, the relative peace began to fade as the animals grew wary of the newcomer. The noise was the slow but harsh clopping of a horse's hooves, occasionally accompanied by a feminine voice.
"Alright, Blossom, I think we'r

I'd always been a bit of an outlier. Last to be chosen for children's games, sitting by myself at the fire pit, and I've only ever had one or two really good friends. I figure it's because I was a really shy kid and that kind of festered into not knowing how to interact with other people. Maybe that's why they left me behind when we ran into a lamia.
There were four of us wandering the woods and the other three bolted as soon as they saw the massive snake tail. They moved so fast I found myself

There was a muffled beep from the hotel room door and the sound of the locks withdrawing, the woman residing in the room looking up from the television set to see who was entering. The figure was dressed in a long overcoat and a hat pulled low, but the businesslike pumps attached to the thin legs below the reach of the coat showed that the intruder was a woman. Once the door closed and the mystery woman was inside the room proper the coat and hat fell to the floor, revealing a pair of twitching

“C’mooon,” Caroline said, patting the seat on the couch next to her. “You gotta watch this show. It’s sooo good.”
She did this kind of thing a lot. Zeke had to wonder if she was secretly into him, though it was far more likely she didn’t even see him as a remotely sexual being. At least, that’s what he told himself so he didn’t so something stupid when Caroline playfully beckoned him towards an innocuous activity while wearing hotpants and a

If Ignea had been a feral creature, the night would have been the perfect cover for her predatory prowling. She certainly seemed in her element as she stalked through the shadows of the streetlights, clad in pitch black fur that made her almost invisible in the evening darkness. It was an impressive showing given her size, seven and a half feet of pure muscle honed to perfection despite the peaceful urban lifestyle she lived. The pantheress walked with definitive pride and each step seemed to sa

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Posted by MatchlessMantis 9 months ago Report

I'm not particularly in to macro/micro, but after reading one of your pieces, I was absolutely taken in by your skill with vocabulary and anatomy. Makes for some scintillating reading. Wish I had that kind of prowess, but I guess I have a lot of time to develop it. Thank you for making me realize how much I have to learn from good writing!


Posted by rugli 1 year ago Report

Love your style of writing :)

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