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Bitty Titty
That evening, Sam decided to walk home.
Behind, he left the stress and monotone of an underpaid office job, the weariness that came with working overtime out of a desire to excel. He stepped out of the glass gates with his suit crumpled, his tie crooked, and his steps hectic. After so many hours of sitting down, of restlessness taking over his body, nothing excited him more than a walk.
Sam folded his jacket over his arm; the cold breeze that had greeted him when he stepped out of th

Theodore sat at his desk, daydreaming. The school year was ending and he had been dreading his finals for the past three weeks. Every day had been nothing but studying, taking them and now, waiting for the results. He had been an incredibly poor student all year and he had an F in English. He really needed a perfect score on the final to even pass the course. He couldn't imagine how embarrassing it would be to have to re-take the entire class next year! He had studied very hard and at the time f

“I mean, I just don’t get it,” said the panelist on Jace’s laptop screen. “Vore’s been mainstream for how long now? Hollywood is still playing it for the fear factor and I don’t get it.”“I know what you mean,” added another, shaking his head and shrugging. “Just once I want to see, like, a rom-com that explores predator prey relations. Something deep, something that means something.”“Okay, cast your vorish rom-com. 3. 2. 1! Max, go.” That was the third person at the t

“This is pretty heavy.”
“Of course it’s heavy, its full Dorothy.”
“Well- Yea I guess.”
The two girls were on either side of the large metal basin, the metal container was filled with leftover food mixed with high calorie food with high fat content. The ‘slop’ as they called it, was the food for the pig their mother was raising to enter into the ‘Blue Ribbon Fair.’
Dorothy was wearing her standard overalls, but w

Though Jack’s eyes opened in an instant, his brain took a couple seconds to catch up. Even when he could process his surroundings, every thought was drowned out by an insistent pounding in his head. Part of the cause was the horrific noise of traffic just outside. Every honk of a car horn was like a grenade going off in Jack’s brain, though he knew they must have been at least two stories below. He was just thankful the light in the room was provided solely by the sun filtering through a

Big City, Small Snake - Apex
The sun had long since set by the time Mark turned onto the subway stairs and he breathed a heavy sigh. Work had been brutal and all he wanted was to get home, eat, and maybe watch some Netflix. Yet despite the exhaustion making its way through to his very bones, he couldn’t let down his guard. The night bred danger and Mark was but a lone man in the darkness of the big city. He couldn’t believe how alone, honestly. Not a single other soul was in sight

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Its the Harpy update! Beware the birdbrains, they can be tricky at times. I still have more content to add for them, but they are fully ready to dine on anyone who dares enter their territory. I've also created a feedback form for any spelling/grammar errors you might find, along with suggesting any scenes you think should be added. Stay tuned for drow as the next group to be added.

Cave dwellers can help you see better in the dark.
Duplicate names should be a thing of the past.
Map size has doubled.
Bunnygirls continue being tasty.
Initiative suffers when you get greedy and form too big of a harem!
Bugs and glitches no doubt added!
Additional content for Queens/Frogs/Slimes

[ Continued ... ]

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