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Jane's knees squeezed together, then disappeared. Her toes felt along meaty walls while her thighs were slowly being claimed next.
"Last chance if you want out. No shame in calling it quits!"
"And miss out on you failing at my hips again? Not a chance Kimberly!"
They grinned at each other. Jane's confidence was slipping away as she watched her legs slip between Kim's, but she refused to back down. Especially when it felt so good inside.
Jane had started the wager, and Kim had accepted immediatel

Red Gown, No Name
That red gown parted the crowd. She was dazzling. Radiant. Her eyes shimmered as she looked back smiling, gloved hand still pulling him towards the balcony. Outside, a moonlit night was theirs alone.
A cool breeze made for welcome reprieve from the stuffy manor. She closed the doors, and the din of mingling nobility was finally hushed. They both looked relieved by the silence.
Then he was led even further away from the fake smiles and tiring gossip until even the light fro

.Nurse Joins Cocked Girlfriend.
"If you can hear me miss Dorothy, grab my hand!"
"I'm trying ma'am, but it's so sticky in here!"
This was bad. What should have been their first time together had instead gone horribly wrong. They'd both been virgins, and nothing had prepared either for what had happened.
"I've got her, don't worry, she'll be out in a jiffy!"
The nurse looked up at him with her arm down his behemoth cock. Sweat dripped from her brow. Teeth clenched. The hospital bed scooched forw

-Gamma Gamma Gone-
The door was unlocked. It was just like the note had said. Inside, a cheerleader serving as a failed nightwatch cradled a bottle of wine. Empty. He pulled it away as he chomped down over her shoulders. She never woke as he swallowed her down.
Gamma Gamma Gamma was known as a bastion of safety surrounded by a college of turmoil. The sorority was a fortress which had never been breached; Never suffered an outsider; Never lost a member. Til tonight.
The second girl, he grabbed i

"It's too risky, what if we get caught?"
"Nobody's going to notice!"
Jack felt his cheeks flush as Amy undressed in the backseat of his car. It was late, and he'd parked far from anyone else outside the cinema, but doing stuff like this in public always embarrassed him.
"Movie starts at nine, get back here and eat me already!"
He stepped out of the driver's seat and opened the aft door where Amy's feet pointed at him. They could afford two tickets, but his girlfriend was always after the thr

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1) Literally hundreds of grammar fixes related to changing the game to second person perspective.

2) Improved the character gui, and moved some stuff around. I certainly need feedback on the new look. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction.

3) Changed and simplified the HURT system. Now the only way to become more durable is to eat Queens/Kings. Tweaked the players stats a bit too. Game should be easier in the beginning now, but castle fights will be harder.

Any comments are always greatly appreciated!

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Posted by jimmyking211 3 weeks ago Report

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The stories...didn't even know there was a game lol


Posted by TexanPrey 4 weeks ago Report

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Ack sorry i took so long-
And of course!~

And no problem,^^


Posted by wizkid17 4 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the fave, bud


Posted by hungryguy1 4 weeks ago Report

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the flash fics


Posted by rubuio91 1 month ago Report

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no problem, nice stuff you got!


Posted by RedOrange 1 month ago Report

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Ima be real. PIT doesn't really have a plot and the writing is mostly copy pasted descriptions with the names changed lol. I'm not much of a writer. I think your stories are fantastic already so just keep up the great work.


Posted by RedOrange 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To heromc

Yeah it's male predator only and you can easily avoid male prey. As for tips It depends on the software/website. I used a software called quest for PIT which takes some time to learn but gives you more freedom and features. If you want to do the normal (and super easy) type of interactive use aryion instead of writing.com because aryion is 100% free whereas writing.com has a paid subscription. Also pace yourself and don't get burned out like I did with PIT...


Posted by corrbear 1 month ago Report

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No problem, it was a good story :3


Posted by Brazzel 1 month ago Report

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(ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง

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Posted by pizza3695 1 month ago Report

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I liked the story. I thought it was very well done :)


Posted by vnila 1 month ago Report

thanks for the fav! :D


Posted by frogcubus 1 month ago Report

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