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I'm a writer! Most of my stuff's on paper, but the newer, better stuff is on my laptop and it's gonna end up here!

I have a gallery now! Special thanks to heromc for that, cause I kinda messed it up the first time I requested one, had a big old social anxiety attack and didn't try again for months. Anyway, sent a note to them, they calmed me down about it, and here we are!

Currently, working through my backlog of pieces, putting one up every two days. Once those run out (which may take just a little while) well, we'll see what happens to my upload schedule. Depending on a hundred different factors, my daily writing productivity varies between 4 and several thousand words a day when I try to progress stories, and I've got... more stories than I care to count sitting around unfinished. Or just on paper. Needing to be typed.

Thank you to everyone who reads or favorites my work! I love knowing this stuff is out there and being enjoyed!

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PaperWriter's Blog - Posting schedule Posted 11 days ago

I was planning to just dump everything I had ready here, but now that I've decided to also post the CYA-style stuff, I've got more than I really planned for, plus I finished a few stories in the last few days, as I've had a lot of motivation the last week since I started posting and I've been writing with some more determination than usual. Iris and Sydney got a look over and came straight to the site as soon as I finished their story, if you read it.

So, moving forward, I'm gonna just put something up every two days until I run out of pieces that are finished. Torn on if the next one will be the story that Randomdude5 helped me edit over the last few days or another FFFm piece, given that the last one got a fair few favorites... but it'll all get up here eventually!
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Posted by jyoster 3 days ago Report

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No problem, hope to see more from it.

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Posted by TrainerKatrine 6 days ago Report

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Thanks a ton! Loved your story with Tina! :)


Posted by FutureBellyAche 9 days ago Report

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Hehe, Thanks. It's really cute~
Looks forward to seeing what stories you come up with!


Posted by GurglingGoodness 11 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Hetzering 2 weeks ago Report

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It's normal, I love your creations! Keep writing!


Posted by rabidPsionic 2 weeks ago Report

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Posted by DreamEater 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for reading!


Posted by heromc 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the favs, can't wait to see your work once you get a gallery!

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