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So, you like vore?

If you'd like a com, please, check my commission status first for status and information ^^

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Starting tomorrow I will begin uploading the entirety of economics one page a day (to avoid just totally flooding the site, and making me have to tag them all in one go) so be ready!!

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Posted by 8tothe8th 4 weeks ago Report

Do you know what happened to Jam's server?


Posted by Abrud 1 month ago Report

One of the smartest bird species is the magpie. They can even recognize themselves in mirrors.
I wrote this one for you because you are awesome,
sincerely Demoman TF2


Posted by Reactorgirl 1 month ago Report

Thank you very much for watching me, Kronguss(=^ω^)ノ━★☆゚✿.♡*・。゚✧❀


Posted by RiskyBoomer 1 month ago Report

OH MY GOD!, EcoNOMics is SO FUCKING GOOD!, I LOVE HOW YOU DRAW THEIR FACES!, Keep up the great work, I can't wait for the next part to come out on Eka's.


Posted by Ediblestranger 2 months ago Report

Thank you very much for the favorite.


Posted by margheritachan 3 months ago Report

Esteemed Kronguss i want to ask you to make a Pixiv and a Pixiv Fanbox pages for people that want to follow you and financially support you without using twitter or subscribestar and that very rarely log into Aryion/Eka's.
There plenty of western hentai fans on Pixiv and that is why most western hentai artists have Pixiv pages.
This of course includes vore hentai fan and in fact several vore artists such as Jora Bora and Karbo have Pixiv pages.

Regarding Pixiv Fanbox,basically is a japanese version of Patreon/Subscribestar,it has no limitations of content(except illegal stuff of course) and is easily usable by western artists(no need for a Japanese bank account).

As a bonus,in Japan there are vore fans that are currently underserved by local artists so you would benefit quite a lot from tapping into this market as well.

Cheers from Italy.


Posted by QueenofGuts 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch, I really appreciate it!

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Posted by Fumika 4 months ago Report

Hey mate, thanks for watching me and for the favorite.
Hope to see some more good animations from you.

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Posted by Adder4118 5 months ago Report

Its good to know we got a nep lover here ^^


Posted by doubleAC0820 5 months ago Report

Not sure if it's you, but a twitter account, Error, posted some of your work


Posted by ImmortalPrey 5 months ago Report

I may not be a scat fan, but you make some great stuff.


Posted by ThoughtVision 6 months ago Report

Thank you very much for watch. ^_^

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