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Gender tagging Posted 3 months ago
I personally do not like putting gender tags on my posts unless I have clearly defined genders for characters in my head. Just a me thing. I try to turn off tagging perms because lots of people really like adding them when you don't, but the automatic system for this doesn't really work. So I'll ask here, if for some reason the permissions allow you to modify tags, please do not add gender ones if they aren't already there, thank you. I'd greatly appreciate it.
Coms Closed Posted 4 months ago
Coms have been selected, thank y'all, see you in the next one!
Commissions Open Posted 4 months ago
Best of luck, y'all!
I'll leave the form open until 5 submissions are selected.

Terms of Service Document:

Submission Form:
Commissions Open Tomorrow!! Posted 4 months ago
It's been a hot minute.

I'll be opening 5 commissions slots tomorrow, Sunday, July 3rd at 12:00pm CST! I'll be closing the form once I've chosen the 5 submissions to draw.

You can find details about submissions and prices in the Terms of Service document:

The form: