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New Weekly Sequences on Subscribestar! Posted 10 months ago
I'm releasing weekly sequences on subscribestar, with previews on twitter (I don't wanna do previews here, since I see ekas as more of a gallery than a feed) If you want to see them head on over there! One of them is an anal vore sequence with disposal, and the other is an animated sketch comic with oral vore and disposal. I'm going to be releasing one sequence a week for the foreseeable future.

ALL THE FINISHED VORE PRODUCTS I PUT ON SUBSCRIBESTAR WILL GO UP HERE ONE MONTH LATER, so you won't be missing out if you're not up for subbing, this is for those who want previews and early access or want to support me!

Thanks for reading everyone, that same size animation I'm working on is just about halfway done on the art side.
Why I'm not Posting a lot Posted 11 months ago
Streaming! Posted 1 year ago
RAFFLE STREAM!!! Posted 1 year ago
I'm going to be doing a raffle stream you can enter by subscribing to by substar. I have all the details there for anyone to view, so feel free to take a look.
Where's the normal art posts? Posted 1 year ago
I'm currently making it so subscribestar subscribers get to see art a month early. All of my art getting uploaded here, but everyone there is going to be getting early access, so if you're interested feel free to pop on by.
ECONOMICS UPLOADING!?! Posted 1 year ago
Starting tomorrow I will begin uploading the entirety of economics one page a day (to avoid just totally flooding the site, and making me have to tag them all in one go) so be ready!!
For anyone who saved the Wiz-dom image. Posted 1 year ago
I made like... a big change, she didn't have a vagina, so if you saved it before like... 1:20pm (PST) you should replace it (;;0 ^0)
Subscribe Star is up! Posted 1 year ago
I got my subscribestar up and running! I hoping this can help me reduce my prices so more people can get the hot and steamy animations of their dreams. As of now, subscribing doesn't do much more than support me. An alternate version of the nonon animation without music will be up soon, but I have some ideas for the future.

I really like the idea of doing a future request stream, and when I get one running, those who subscribe will get access to a discord to send in their requests. (When the commissioner is ok with it) Animations will be available a month earlier on the subscribestar. And, WIP segments/previews will for sure be available to subscribers.

I hope to give even more reasons to support me as time goes on, but for now, thank you everyone for the...
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