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A budding writer, lifelong vorephile. All are welcome on my page.

May everyone digest, with love. <3

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Beth kicked the door
open to the relic chamber where Soline and Baith had fought in,
inside the room were the remains of Soline but there were several
other girls inside talking to what looked to be a Mechis girl. The
girl had feather like wings and she was together with two other girls
that had feather like wings, each of the two girls had a bright
silver breast plate and long golden hair. Two swords placed on their
backs, Beth glared narrowly at Kat and her two angel’s that were
with her. Tr

After what seemed to be
an eternity of running the group of girls came to a stop and looked
behind them, it had been nearly an hour of running, but they could no
longer sense the girls that pursued them. They might have gotten lost
after being down in the caves for so long. Sarah signaled everyone to
take a break while they had the chance, Jess very carefully set Winny
along the cave wall while Sam and Tink collapsed onto the ground
breathing hard.
“Haa... Haaa...
Great, now I’m going to be

Short story continued.
(Winny) Time skip.
‘Rummage, rustle.’
Clothes were thrown
about inside the small room, a slender girl frantically threw her
underwear over the floor. Looking annoyed at the fact she could not
find the specific pair of panties she was after she heaved a deep
sigh. “Bet my sister took them again...” She softly groaned. Her
sister had a bad habit of taking her underwear because she was too
lazy to get money to buy her own stuff.
“Guess it’s time to
confront the li

Chapter 1 “Reset
Vivid images flooded
back, screaming shouting. The sound of gunfire rang throughout her
head, tens of thousands of blurry shapes danced across her vision.
The image repeated itself, the more she tried to get away from it the
clearer it was to see. The sound of static in her ears from the
disconnected com systems, Orders she thought, what are my orders! She
turned around just in time to see the large blurry creature before
her, the last image she saw was

Winny reached out to touch the glowing black crystal, a flash of
light appeared and eclipsed the room. Winny tilted her head back
looking above her, she smiled and reached out towards the being that
slowly came into existence before her. Standing before Winny was a
tall graceful looking girl, she had long black hair that seemed to
reach her lower back. Two horns that were a foot in length grew from
her forward going directly up, the girls black eyes with yellow iris
looked down at Winny, her lip

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Allo everyone! Sorry for being gone for so long, I have not forgotten my fans!!! Life got hectic recently with a bunch of stuff. (If you had followed me from the start you should know I tend to vanish for long periods of time) But I am still writing bit by bit.

I have another bit about finished, keep in mind it's quite a bit different then my other material. Little darker and little more serious tone. The inspiration for my next bit of content is taken from Muv-Luv (if you read visual novels you will understand.)

Till next time. <3 mwauh

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