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A budding writer, lifelong vorephile. All are welcome on my page, please leave a comment and say hello!

May everyone digest, with love. <3

(Does not take requests or roleplay. Thank you!)
(But I will always welcome idea's my fans have. ^^)
(Now open to collaborations, Commission page for more info.)

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Spin the bottle webcam special.

“Hello everyone on the interbutts!” Jessica said with a grin so large she was showing her pearly whites.

“It’s the stream you all have been waiting for, but tonight’s a special night.”

Relationships: (2025)

Jen knocked on the door, lightly rasping her knuckles on the apartment that her sister was currently staying in.

“Come on, you said you would be home.” Jen sighed under her bre

Graduation (2025)

“Well it’s bout time, I thought you two wouldn’t show up for this graduation party.”

Sitting at a large table was a group of girls all wearing rather sexually revealing clothing, there had been eight of them all

Cindy’s Video.

Jessica popped the password into the account for Liz’s website and was granted access to the movies listed on the website. Down in the corner were the special event videos section and she clicked the video that was titled. ‘Dutiful daughter becomes delightful dump.’ Jessica giggled at the name of the video and clicked on the play button, she had the house t

Normal day.

“You know Jessica, It’s quite warm in here, we really need to do this together.”

Ashley was talking up at the fleshy prison that she was in, she had one hand on the dildo sliding in and out of her crotch. The slick acids and other fluids building up inside this fles

Sex toy:

“So there it is.”

Mary walked into her sister’s room, she had been curious about a new toy that her sister had ordered online, at first she thought that it was a simple blow up doll but had been completely wrong. Mary had only lived with her sister for a couple months,

The webcam show.
“Is this on?”
A short girl with blond hair looked into the webcam connected to her laptop that sat on several pillows. After inspecting the link through several tabs on her computer she smiled from ear to ear. She quickly got up and sat herself several feet away from the computer’s webcam and crossed her legs.
“Welcome everyone, to Jessica’s wonderful vore stream!” The short girl said with great enthusiasm.
The chat lit up with several posters

Girls make bad warriors.

“Come on! We’ve finally been invited to join the transport guild!”

Sarah pulled her friend along behind her, a small dagger bounced at her side, she had been going to the adventures guild for several months tr

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I need the help of my fans!

Generally the length I go for stories and chapters to writing is around the six page's to ten pages of length, I was wondering do people enjoy the longer or shorter snippets for stories and chapters?

Would people like to see more longer works? Or shorter works? Obviously there is upsides and downsides to both, one can be pumped out quicker and consumed quicker. "Bite sized" like my first TGODG series, or my 'Toys' short story. Or I could take longer and make each story longer, like my 'Webcam' story at nine pages, or its continuation in 'Normal day' at twenty one pages and over ten thousand words.

I would like to hear from you all about what would be better to focus on.

Of course if you have no strong feelings one way or the other you can also say...
[ Continued ... ]

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Not only a great writer but a great person too, thanks for that advice.


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Thanks so much for the watch! I'm a big fan of yours as well~!


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Your approach to casual vore, disposal ect is fantastic ^^

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Not a problem :)


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Hey thanks mate. Love the stuff you've done, especially the cockvore parts. Such a casual "disregard for life" as you put it in the tags... hoo boy that's good.


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Posted by PhantaRheiComics 3 weeks ago Report

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<3 Thanks! And how could I not watch, I've been a fan of your stories for years while lurking without an account <3


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NP you're putting out some interesting stuff.


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Thanks for the amazing content!


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Love your stuff Winny!


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No worries :3

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