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A budding writer, lifelong vorephile. All are welcome on my page, please leave a comment and say hello!

May everyone digest, with love. <3

(Does not take requests or roleplay. Thank you!)

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The webcam show.
“Is this on?”
A short girl with blond hair looked into the webcam connected to her laptop that sat on several pillows. After inspecting the link through several tabs on her computer she smiled from ear to ear. She quickly got up and sat herself several feet away from the computer’s webcam and crossed her legs.
“Welcome everyone, to Jessica’s wonderful vore stream!” The short girl said with great enthusiasm.
The chat lit up with several posters

Girls make bad warriors.

“Come on! We’ve finally been invited to join the transport guild!”

Sarah pulled her friend along behind her, a small dagger bounced at her side, she had been going to the adventures guild for several months tr

The elven village.

“Can’t believe this planet had such a high density of asteroids around it.”

“Well, at least you saved most of the space ship.”

“Well yea, b

Booty call. (2025)

The world was a vastly different place then it was nearly ten years ago, humans use to be the most dominant race on the planet keeping anthros as pets, with the rapid evolution of anthro intelligence that quickly changed. Anthros didn’t take over the world or anything but they had earned a place in society, while some anthros still lived with human families, lots more we

Tink was sitting as far away as she could from the rest of the girls on the saddle that was on the giant wurm, the brown walls of dirt moved passed them at a slow pace. Saying a prayer in her head she tried to put the recent situation outside of her head, looking to each girl she let out a deep sigh. Winny was once again asleep, her head was laying on Jess’s thighs as Spiz was sitting on Sam’s shoulders, they made the hastily created cloaks into a blanket and laid it over Winny.

Girls with social media.

The music was blaring all around Susan while she sat at the bar, her short skirt barely containing her ass while she kept it firmly planted down. She leaned back watching people on the dance floor grinding up against each other, Susan could make out at least six people that were outright having sex in the group, while the people around those engaging in the sex were eith

New experiences.

“Come on…” huffing out a groan was a short dark silhouette struggling to figure out how put some clothes on, with a grunt and a shake of its ass the body fell over onto a large fluffy bed. “I just had these on the other day… Come on….” The groaning silhouette had both its legs up in the air n

“There’s the house right over there.” Mandy noted walking side by side with Kat, they had walked a good couple kilometers to get to this house party. Both girls were pretty excited about it, most of the popular people they knew were heading towards this party.
“It’s been awhile since I did my thing on the dance floor.” Kat gave a quick reply.
“What make a fool of yourself girl?”
“Shut up whore, you dance like some nerd.”
Mandy elbowed K

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So while I've tossed out several stories out in the last couple weeks I need input. From the stuff I have posted and stuff that I posted in the past I need to know what people liked, keep in mind I care whole lot about what people take away from my stories.

Did you enjoy the characters?
Did you like the ideas?
Did you like the settings?
Did you not like A as much as B?
Did you want to see more of C, and maybe less of F?

What you all can give me in what you liked and disliked, that is what I am aiming for. I can't get better without critique, so please if you enjoy my stories, and enjoy what I create please let me know. No matter the english, no matter the reason, I need input.

With much love Winny.

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No prob, love your stories by the way. XD


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You're welcome! I said in Saints' stream that I'd watch ya. I even started reading some of your stuff, and I gotta say, I like it! (:


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You're welcome. ^^


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Np you have scat I follow all those who have scat related material


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Was watching mogas stream when this poped up so decided to check it out.

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