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A budding writer, lifelong vorephile. All are welcome on my page, please leave a comment and say hello!

May everyone digest, with love. <3

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(But I will always welcome idea's my fans have. ^^)
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Chapter three:

“Well everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the little flair of entertainment we’ve provided because next round of questions could see the winner of this competition!”

Minsy turned on the spot and took a gander at the score o

Debts and Dances: Jermsamu.

“Please just a little longer, I had plans with my boyfriend tonight.”

Steph moved her butt slightly, the sound of the metal and fabric hung in the air while she shifted h

Chapter two:

“Alright, how about that place?” Genesis pointed out to the side.

Genesis was pointing at a house of mirrors, people would go inside one door walking through a maze of mirrors then find their way out through another door. The sign on the side explained that people had to


Theme Park First chapter:

“This place just opened up didn’t it?” Cora had spoken up as the group of girls was exiting out of Grace’s minivan.

“Yea! There&rsq

Samus story:
“Don’t wander to far out Samus!”
Samus grinned hearing her Chozo foster parents behind her, nodding to herself Samus still slid out of the house, she had decided to sneak back out to the area she had been exploring days before. Telling everyone she wouldn’t wander to far to her Chozo parents, she understood that she had to stay relatively close to the settlement on this planet named Zebes. Opening the door to the home she had been living in, Samus took severa

The Webcam Show three:

“Hello hello!” Jessica waved at the webcam feed.

“Tonight is a special night-” Jessica started before getting distracted by Sam’s chuckle.

Normal Day Two:

Jessica licked her lips gently removing the excess cream from them, she had been eating an ice cream sundae while in the shade of a tree. Flipping through her phone she was trying to figure out what to do on this slow weekend. Scrolling through her contacts she briefly stopped on Ashley’s old contact, her picture replaced with the

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(I've tried to edit the poll to make it work, if you tried voting before, try to vote again and see if it works. If it continues to be a problem I'll try to figure something out. Sorry everyone! ^^;

Hello everyone! Winny the pervert in a frilly dress here to bring you another question!

So I've talked to some friends in the author scene, and some friends that have published works recently. They have said I should toss my hat into the ring of making a book, as in I should write an actual novel.

What I had as an idea is something around hundred pages, and commissioning ten pages of art for the work. One page of art for every chapter, so ten pages of artwork and 100 pages of story.

What I want to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by DiDen 2 weeks ago Report

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You're welcome ! I love your stories ! :3


Posted by Nathairach 2 weeks ago Report

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Hey, my pleasure! ^^


Posted by Nathairach 2 weeks ago Report

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Hey, my pleasure! ^^


Posted by TheHollow 3 weeks ago Report

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And thank you for all of these cute content


Posted by Becquerl 3 weeks ago Report

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No problem, I love your writing style! Lookin’ forward to the next one~


Posted by sweetladyamy 3 weeks ago Report

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Most certainly.

You're very welcome.

(PGG: Pretty Girls get Gulped)

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Posted by PhantaRheiComics 3 weeks ago Report

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Thanks Winny <3 I really appreciate it ^_^ Hopefully you're able to get your computer issues sorted out soon as well!


Posted by PhantaRheiComics 3 weeks ago Report

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I've had multiple people ask me if I plan to set up a Patreon or something, so I might do something like that in the future. Thanks for the concern though! It was all just... *so* much fun Dx


Posted by Fairy 3 weeks ago Report

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Not a problem, you make great content :)


Posted by pizza3695 1 month ago Report

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and thank you for the fabulous stories!


Posted by thebigcat 1 month ago Report

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No problem!


Posted by doomfister 1 month ago Report

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you know it ;)

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