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Hey Everybody,
I'm back doing commissions full-time so I'll be posting again with some more regularity. If anyone would like to help me stay afloat, I've updated my Patreon rewards any little bit helps!
You can check it out here:

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Gullet Girl [OV] by Demi

By Slimshod

  1. Gullet Girl [OV] by Demi
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Due to recent changes with the server here on eka's a chunk of my gallery has been removed, mostly anything that was tagged with Loli or underage. So until things have been resolved and/or eka finds a new domain that allows it like before, Girls and the Snake along with other content featuring loli is gone and done for the time being.

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Posted by Maxgreat 3 days ago Report

Hello I love your art but i was wondering if you would post the completed girls and the snake here or provide a good link? Keep up the amazing work!


Posted by Kronoscythe 10 days ago Report

what happened to mikasa is not you kasa part 2?


Posted by RandomSpectator 5 months ago Report

What anime did you get your profile pic from?


Posted by ZeroTheDragonTaur 6 months ago Report

I've heard a bit about the whole scenario on ekas, while it's not ideal e621 could be a useful place to dump longer comics.


Posted by Jonynose 8 months ago Report

You are one of my favorits artist


Posted by macdjord 10 months ago Report

Are you creating anything these days? You've not posted anything in a while.


Posted by LoliVampLover 1 year ago Report

Just so you know, you can now post loli, but you just need external links for explicit stuff. In other words, post a censored version here with a link to the real thing.


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

I cant wait Snake and the Girls is soon comming to an end !


Posted by PlayerXxX 1 year ago Report

Hey there. First I must say I LOVE your work. But I need to ask: What happened to your older work? Like girls and snake or the Koneko one?


Posted by Random415 1 year ago Report

Hey Brap,
Do you do commissions?


Posted by hunterbirk 1 year ago Report

I finally fucking found thebigbrap's background artwork!

Moment I saw it I recognized it. Feel free to look at the link and feel free to call me out if you think I am bullshitting. My only defense is the link I provided.


Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Happy Vore Day! :3

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