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Missing Gallery Items Posted 2 years ago
Due to recent changes with the server here on eka's a chunk of my gallery has been removed, mostly anything that was tagged with Loli or underage. So until things have been resolved and/or eka finds a new domain that allows it like before, Girls and the Snake along with other content featuring loli is gone and done for the time being.
Live Streaming Today! Posted 4 years ago
hey everybody,

going to be live streaming today at 3pm Eastern Time! hope to see you guys there!


want to support me on Patreon? follow this link:
Streaming Time Schedule Posted 4 years ago
Sup y'all!

going to be streaming once again on Wednesday June 21st. same place as always:

I'm happy to announce that my patrons are growing, thank you all who have been donating. there's now a second name in the monthly raffle entry! w00t
for those who don't have a clue what I'm referring to, I'm talking about my Patreon! ~Insert self promotion here~

Basically, anyone can help support me and help me keep a roof over my head and food on my table! I'm ever...
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Stream time! Posted 4 years ago
Hey All,

my new tablet came in and it is lookin like FIRE. going to set it up today and start streaming tomorrow starting at 12pm noon (eastern time) so whatever the conversions are for where you're at, that will be when it is.
heres the link for those who want to join in:

hope to see you guys there
Update of where am I Posted 4 years ago
Hey all,

I've been mute for a while so I want to update you all with what is going on. recently my art tool, the Wacom 21ux Cintiq I use has had a number of issues in regards to quality and driver problems. I tried having it sent to get fixed but it still persisted, so I hunkered down and got myself a brand new tablet. the 27qhd Wacom Cintiq. Once it arrives and I set it up I will be streaming that day so keep a watch on my blog here for that as I will post when I'll stream the moment its set up! it'll be an extra long stream to break it in, pretty exciting, well for me anyway haha. anyhow I do apologize for any lengthy wait especially for those on the commission list and patreon raffle winners. I've got it all logged so I'll be getting on that asap. thanks for listening! ...
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Freelance update and new Stream Schedule Posted 4 years ago
Finally the long Freelance project is over, so starting Monday I will be back in the saddle streaming.
I've planned some new things I will be doing to change things up.

so here is the current new schedule

Sunday - No Stream
Monday - 12pm - 8pm
Tuesday - 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday - 12pm - 6pm

Personal Stream days- the personal stream days will be days in which I do not work on any commissions, but instead on stuff that I have been wanting to work on of my own but have never had the time to do. Love it or hate it, the material I'll be drawing will be what interests me most about vore or otherwise. These will also include animations, so if any of you out there ever wanted to see how I animate this would be a good opportunity to see...
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Freelance Status: Update Posted 4 years ago
Freelancing Status: Active ( end date approx. 03/18 /2017)

Commissions and those on List will currently be on hold.

Working on a fairly large project, will return to regularly scheduled commission streaming after it is finished!
Live Stream Starting Soon Posted 4 years ago
Hey all,

in about 30 minutes, at 2pm EASTERN I will be streaming once again, if you'd like to come check it out or just hang for the music you can go here:

See ya there!
Stream Starting Soon Posted 4 years ago
Hey folks,

In about 10 minutes, stream will be starting, if you'd like to join in just visit this link -->

see ya there :D
Feelance Status: Complete Posted 4 years ago
Hey folks,

sorry for the absence, my freelance gig has finished and I will be returning to regularly scheduled streams and commissions starting tomorrow! check here for times ( Eastern Time )

and check here for commission list and who is up next.