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Drawing vore is only one of my many hobbies, and it's low on my priority list compared to pretty much anything else I have going on in my life. It's hard to find the time and privacy to do it, even when the mood strikes me. Don't be surprised if I never get back to it; it's not out of any ill will or whatever, it's just that life moves on.

I do not do requests, commissions, or roleplay of any sort. Critiques and suggestions about the art itself are welcome and encouraged. Critiques and suggestions about the subject matter are probably a waste of time.

I'm fine with you reposting anything I put here anywhere else. You don't need to ask. You don't even need to credit me. Hell, you can claim you made it yourself if you want. I truly do not care. As far as I am concerned, Shadowfaps is a fictional character.

"Shadowfaps, Lord of Voreses" was the name others picked for me when I was producing art anonymously. It is a pun on "Shadowfax, Lord of Horses" from Lord of the Rings. It has nothing to do with edgy anthropomorphic hedgehogs masturbating. I do not actually consider myself to be the lord or lady of anything.

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Posted by Sharktooth 4 months ago Report

I know it’s low on your priority list but I hope to see more art!! Your my favorite artist.

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Posted by Biggieman 4 months ago Report

Hope you are doing well. Your art is amazing.


Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

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Honestly , with how many artists have gone silent after they stopped posting. It’s great to hear from one who still pops up occasionally . Even if we don’t get art


Posted by Ev0nix 6 months ago Report

Do you have art on other sites we can see?


Posted by GlockMonke 6 months ago Report

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The void IS in an answering mood!
Even just this little message is nice to see!


Posted by Shadowfaps 6 months ago Report

I'm seeing a lot of shouts here lately regarding my relative lack of content. It's very sweet and I'm flattered by the interest! In a few cases it seems like it might be bordering on frustration, and I'd like to make sure people have read the first line on my profile page and try to keep things in perspective. In any case, I do appreciate the interest and the kind words.


Posted by BMUd8854 6 months ago Report

Screeching into the void,

hoping for it to echo back...


Posted by GlockMonke 6 months ago Report

I Shout into the void.




...The void isn't in an answering mood it seems.


Posted by DnD6 7 months ago Report

Your vore comic are awesome please make more content.


Posted by SeekGr 7 months ago Report

Heya! I know it's very random.
But you're awesome! Just to remind you.

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Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 9 months ago Report

Miss you. Ever coming back?

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