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Making weird smut on the internet is a thing I do sometimes. Usually I'm doing something else. I frequently disappear, sometimes for years, just because I feel like it. I'll try to keep my blog updated with my current status.

I do not do commissions. I do not take tips. I will not accept any money for anything vore-related. I also do not take suggestions or participate in roleplay.

You may repost anything I post on this site anywhere else, as long as you do not require someone to pay money to access it. You don't need my permission and you don't need to credit me.

"Shadowfaps" is a fictional character that was created and named by fans of someone that used to make vore comics anonymously. Use whatever pronouns you want for me; I am words on a screen and do not care.

I tend to make narrative-focused vore that is both consensual and fatal. I recognize that those two traits are contradictory in a real-world context. I think justifications for this contradiction come at the expense of the rest of the narrative. This is not a real-world context. If that confuses you more than it turns you on, no hard feelings, but I'm not going to be able to tip that scale for you. Otherwise, I'm happy to share this wavelength.

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Practice Makes Perfect is in a state where I don't mind sharing it. I plan to do some more detail work on it, but I've given up on such plans before. If this is my most recent blog post, I'm either working on that or not working on anything.

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Posted by Anonymoosey123 9 days ago Report

The triumphant return! Your comics really inspired mine :P


Posted by ReiREND 9 days ago Report

Welcome back :)

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Posted by Briarheart 7 months ago Report

I hope your new comic is going well, if you've had time to work on it. It's always exciting seeing the kind of casual, long form comics you produce. Maybe it'd be the kick I need to get out of my own writer's block, too.


Posted by Arcornelious 1 year ago Report

Out of all the artists on this website, Shadowfaps will always be one of the most prolific, mysterious, and enigmatic artists to me.


Posted by Zakthegutslut 1 year ago Report

Just wanted to say love your work the last comic (un)birth control was amazing especially the cum digestion seeing it in real time x ray style was very rewarding ;)


Posted by jzpelaez 1 year ago Report

Ayo!? Return of the king? Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking.

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Posted by TheShutin 1 year ago Report

Great to see more amazing content!


Posted by BMUd8854 1 year ago Report

Holy shit, I never thought he would never return! I hope all is going well with you!


Posted by Biggieman 1 year ago Report

The Return of the King! Welcome back :)


Posted by EvanLandis 1 year ago Report

Question. Does your world(s) have any respawn like lore, or is death it. I feel like blunt death is kinda fucked up personally, but I wanted to ask before assuming

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Posted by aci331 1 year ago Report

hay your back nice to see you again


Posted by Keylimes 1 year ago Report

I respect your decision to draw when you want to and being open with your fans about that... but damn is it incredible to see you post something ❤

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