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Derek was a nerdy boy who kept his head down at high school. He tried to disappear in the crowd of students and not get noticed.

Derek, like the other students, watched the popular kids from various clicks of the school. Derek’s favorite was Alice of the
popular crowd. She was head cheerleader and dated the captain of the football team.

Derek watched Alice walk down the hall

Vorno: Chitsu

Amber had to wait a few days before her first film was watchable. For the time, she had to wait for more work. It wasn’t long till she got a call.

Amber answered her phone to an anxious sounding voice. “Hello, is this Amber the milf?” A woman asked.

“Yes i

The First Film

Luna was in the studio changing rooms showering. The soap and water sliding in between her heavenly giant breasts. She was deep in thought. Luna was just called into the higher ups office. She was informed that her films have not been performing as well. They worry that her popularity is waning and if her films don't start performing better, she’ll be put back on permanent prey duty or worse. She didn’t mind prey duty, she enjoyed

The audition

It has been a year since Amber's husband passed away. Her daughter Crystal, moved out so Amber lived on her own. She turned
recently and despite her age she was still incredibly hot. She had short black hair and glasses that made her look like a cute nerd. Her boobs were small but perky. Her ass was incredible, it was full and firm. Her hips were wide giving her an amazin

The Punishment

It has been two weeks since Jessica has entered the couple's lives. Max has been having so much fun with her, finally pretty much all of his sexual fantasies were coming true. Of course he still loved Lucy but she hasn't got the ass to take care of Max’s cock. Speaking of Lucy, she hasn’t left Jessica’s ass thanks to her “punishment” as Max calls it. She couldn&rsquo

Today was gonna be the latest episode of Linsie’s livestream, she was an average height girl with big boobs and long black hair. She specialises in a lot of sexual content from toys, lube, different sexual acts to even having the crowd bid on what she would do.

The chat was buzzing with what she was going to do today, as the stream started Linsie only wearing thick glasses appeared, excitedly waving at the camera.

The second girlfriend

Lucy and Max were a young couple who have been dating for a few years now, Lucy was a beautiful bisexual japanese girl with large double D breasts and a full ass you could use as the most comfy pillow in the world. She had long, straight, dark black hair and stood at 5’4. She was the love of Max’s life.

Their sex life at the start was hot and kinky but kind of went a bit stale after a f

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Maxtheman64's Blog - Future ideas Posted 2 months ago

Hey everyone who reads this stuff. Sorry my work is kinda on and off. This is just a little hobby for me. I’ve been thinking of getting an original character drawn up by someone in the future. Don’t know who but it’s something that interests me, get rid of that bland standard profile pic and add little colour here.

Got some ideas going but I’m all over the place with them currently. Hopefully something legit will come forward. And thank you to anyone for reading liking my stuff. Hopefully you find it to your taste.

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Thank you for the fav! ♥️

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Thanks for the watch <3


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It is indeed quite unfortunate...


Posted by Tilalumtar 8 months ago Report

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He does reply to commissions and sends them privately, but he doesn't upload it. So not quite dead :)


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Thanks for watching!

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Thanks for the watch and the fave :)

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