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GREETINGS FRIENDS!!! the master of the H.B.G.'s! Pledging here will get you access to animations and things I likely will not upload elsewhere for quite some time or not at all. I truly appreciate anyone who are the best ever :3! Higher tiers will get to give direct suggestions on future animations, and even choose pred and/or prey! Higher HIGHER tiers will get one free request :)

All ur base r belong to us B^

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The dickhead that reported CATC 3 succeeded for sure. He killed the momentum that the original was gaining, and I’m actually very disappointed about it. We were on the front page of Pornhub and everything, and now we barely have over 1500 views. I spent all that time doing ALL that work, and some fucking DICK HEAD decided to waste all my effort because he was mad it wasn’t to his liking. I am pissed. SUPER pissed because of all that work I put in, only to have it be killed by INE guy reporting it. Pornhub did no type of investigating, they just deleted it without asking ANY questions. I’m very upset.

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Posted by sojonin 5 days ago Report

<< Reply To stressformurder

yes please.


Posted by sojonin 5 days ago Report

Bit of a dumb question: Is there a link to all your CATC vids besides PH?


Posted by Firstfate 10 days ago Report

I've been wondering who was the brains behind all the vore videos I've been finding on pornhube


Posted by Zekrom138 7 months ago Report

Is there any chance you still have your old AV edits from your old YouTube channel?


Posted by CompactorFlame 11 months ago Report

Hey there, would love to chat with you again. Now that you're back in business and even the site is back up and swinging for a while.


Posted by KOFreeman1 1 year ago Report

Your animations are the reason why anal vore is hot! Keep it up!


Posted by CompactorFlame 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To stressformurder

Sent you a PM~


Posted by CompactorFlame 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To stressformurder

Really? Maybe we should talk about that some more, there are a lot of ideas we could share with one another there~


Posted by CompactorFlame 1 year ago Report

Someone told me you do great, detailed animations, but seeing what your focus is, I have to wonder. Have you ever considered breast vore? Cleavage vore especially could be up your alley from a technical standpoint.


Posted by Anesthetic 1 year ago Report

Are you Hotpocketshogun?

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