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Voraciousmoga's Blog - Youtuber Drama Posted 2 months ago

I don't know who started this drama with some iceberg youtuber but I've received no hate or harassment pertaining to that. In fact, I like what the dude had to say about my art (even the bit about dying inside to my eva stuff). This blew up because someone had a skewed perception. Hell, The hate and harassment comes from the community, and "fans" on my platforms. People outside of the vore niche don't give a rat's ass. I promise.

y'all have too much time on your hands... Go touch some grass for fuck's sake.

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Posted by Wisdom 2 weeks ago Report

I'll miss you. Your art was the best here.


Posted by cerealkillerx 2 months ago Report

Guys, like Moga said, please stop harassing the dude on his YouTube page. Wise men say, ‘Opinions are like lips and assholes - everybody has one, and they all stink.’

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Posted by Daiguey1 2 months ago Report

He's denying blame citing that there's no proof of his video being the cause despite he told his fans where to find him, He Has to be stopped


Posted by Letting213 2 months ago Report

Where are you moga?


Posted by anonimus66 2 months ago Report

We hope you are feeling well, after what happened, take the time you need and rest, we, the vore community, will always be supporting you.

If you are not going to return as an artist, it is totally your choice, but we hope that you at least remain a little active in the community and if in the future you want to return we will have the doors wide open to welcome you, we hope to hear from you that you are well, okay

A big hug for you, and I won't say goodbye, I'll say see you later, take care


Posted by 007siren 2 months ago Report

I heard about what happened and it makes me sick. Take as long as you need to feel better, but remember that the vore community is always getting bullied for liking a niche fetish. We stick together though, we're going to get through this.

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Posted by ReiREND 2 months ago Report

can somebody tell me what happened to moga? did they get bullied or something?

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Posted by Boo54000 2 months ago Report

Heya, even if you don't plan to come back as an artist, which is your choice and I respect it, just let us know you're alright :)


Posted by despodic 2 months ago Report

you can thank the youtuber "Dylan The Knight owl" for him deleting all his stuff, since he covered moga and likely his asshole fanboys harassed moga


Posted by lore74 2 months ago Report



Posted by illuminatitriforce 2 months ago Report

what happened?

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