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"I'm in!"
"Wait until you hear what the job is, first."
"I saw the reward. A thousand platinum? That's all I NEED to hear: I'm in!"
Belgia rolled her eyes. She was very fond of her comrad Mithinie, but the leather-clad elfish rogue had a deeply un-elf-like impulsive streak.
They were drinking in the Tarred Bard, a tavern of the sort that kept a job board for itinerant adventures... which their party of

'...You ate her!'
Orxana sighs happily to herself and belches softly. 'Yes, Angel. I said I would.'
The trick to being a good predator, she's found, is pretty simple: surprise the eager ones, and torture the reluctant ones. Orxana has never eaten unwilling prey, but she does so love to drag it out with the... unenthusiastic ones. Make them really feel it.
As for the totally willing and enthusiastic ones, the trick is to catch them off-guard, in a

Act 1: Mistress
Aftercare was the most important part of their love play. Tilly had no idea how long they'd been playing, except that the sun had still been up when they started, and now it was completely dark outside. The whole evening had all kind of blurred together into a dream sequence of pain, pleasure, submission and breast milk. Her breasts felt tender and sore from where her mistress had bound them tight and milked them dry, her jaw ached from Goddess-only-knew how long with a b

Stephanie didn't know which way to look. All around here was pleasure and the sights, sounds and smells of sex... and vore. It all blended together into a slideshow of memorable moments.
Flash - a voluptuous ebony predator groaning with pleasure as a muscular stud railed her from behind even while there was still a kicking pair of feet hanging out of her mouth.
Flash - A gorgeous smirking redhead sunk to her voluptuous breasts down a rail-thin little mousey girl's throat, while a

It's the details that can make or break a sensitive business negotiation. A good executive assistant thinks of everything, and I pride myself on being an EXCELLENT executive assistant. I think of everything. From making sure there are no scheduling conflicts, to ensuring that the boardroom is properly stocked with everything the negotiators might want and need. Stationary, water to drink, soap and paper in the bathroom...
And of course, the snacks. These negotiations go on a long time, i

I was lying awake and couldn't sleep. I had been for hours. I was far too horny to fall asleep, and NOTHING I did could shift it. My arm was tired, my pussy was raw and red and numb, but I hadn't been able to cum and my head was still full of...
...Of looking down past my breasts and my legs to see a pair of full supple lips and an inviting pink tunnel of flesh beyond, framed by teeth. Warm, wet, slick all around me. First suction and then muscular pressure, drawing me in, squeezing me f

'That was a heck of a plot twist. I wonder how they did it?'
I looked over at my boyfriend David sitting next to me. 'Did what?'
He pointed at the TV. We were watching the second season of the hit drama 'Black Castle' and a Solastan crime lord, Harn, had just disposed of one of the main characters by having his men kidnap her and strip her, and then he'd swallowed her whole.
'He ate her!'
'Yeah. And?'
'I was just wondering how they did that. CGI that seam

'Uh...Excuse me? Sorry. Hello?'
Aliens were a common sight on Earth nowadays. Funny how my grandmother was born before First Contact and now...
I turned around to face the helpless looking Solastan and gave him a smile. He was a young one, and handsome but all Solastans are handsome. If you're into huge gray-skinned walls of muscles who dreadlock their hair and come in three sexes the O-males who impregnate the females with eggs, and the S-males who fertilize the eggs. There's

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Posted by dragonjerky 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Much appreciated! When I get a free moment I'll check out some of your stories, since I think a few of them might be up my alley!


Posted by Varu 8 months ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch!


Posted by NeyNey 1 year ago Report

Thanks for watching ;)


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by Slimshod 1 year ago Report

Your stories man...they are written so well. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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Posted by nomnomfap 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by SansSeraph 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by IvesBentonEaton 2 years ago Report

The floorboards of the dark, abandoned old house creaked as you made your way into the parlor.

You raised your lantern and discovered, to your horror, that the walls and furniture were covered with cockroaches. They started to twitch and rush toward you as you froze in terror.

But they ignored you, running to form a mound on the tattered rug in front of you. Yes, a few ran by and over your feet, and you stomped several into oblivion, but the insects took no notice of that. After they had all reached the rug, the writhing mass of black, chitinous bugs seemed to thin and sort themselves out to form a cryptic message:


With a shout of disgust, you hurled the lantern to the floor, shattering it and igniting the rug, then fled the burning house…


Posted by Misasura 2 years ago Report

I mostly skimmed your stories, but I really like the setting and the casual nature of vore in that world.

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