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The lurker comes to the edge of the shadows…

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My interest in vore probably started with horror movies like The Blob but especially with Dungeons and Dragons®.

D&D has many opportunities to satisfy a vore enthusiast. After all, many monsters in the game are monsters because adventurers are part of their complete diet, and the swallow whole attack has existed for some of the bigger critters since the original edition. Here on Eka’s one can see D&D or D&D-inspired games catering to our tastes.

The D&D edition my local gaming group uses, version 3.5, is littered not just with monsters that suggest vore but spells—hungry gizzard and bite of the king from the Spell Compendium, great worm of the earth from the Complete Mage, and even two clerical domains from the Spell...
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Posted by Jamie263 1 day ago

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I enjoyed those stories. I just like Snake vore involving female prey.

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