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Dick By IvesBentonEaton -- Report

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Erhain was a typical wizard—until he received a rather atypical curse…

Update 7/29/2019: corrections made.

Update 8/9/2019: minor text modifications and corrections made.

Update 8/20/2019: minor text modifications and corrections made; game statistics for Dxyxallyxikspt expanded and rearranged.

Update 8/27/2019: further corrections, especially to the game statistics.

Update 9/15/2019: minor additions to game statistics.

Update 9/18/2019: Added “familiar spells” special quality to Dxyxallyxikspt.

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Posted by blergle 11 months ago Report

Freaking awesome. I'm old af and will be converting this to 2nd edition. ;) Very well written, I enjoyed this even with womens in it. xD


Posted by IvesBentonEaton 11 months ago Report

Ha. That's not "old AF". I played original edition back in junior high school. I skipped AD&D 1st Edition but have all the 2nd Edition stuff. We upgraded to 3 adn 3.5 because it looked like a serious effort to fix long-standing problems in earlier editions. When 4E came out, our group didn't like the direction that the game was taking and declined to upgrade. After 5E came out, a few of us looked over the SRD and agreed that it was better than 4E but it wasn't worth the hassle of buying new books and converting all our version 3.5 stuff to 5. Since Āen is based on a setting I designed back in 3.5 days, all the stuff in my stories uses that as a framework. See "Magic of Āen" elsewhere in the gallery for much of the customized version 3.5 spells and magic items mentioned in this gallery.


Posted by Nalzindar 11 months ago Report

This was a really fun story to read, I especially enjoyed the intellectual part in where both the wizard and the succubus had though of things to outwit each other^^ But I hadn't anticipated Dick to be leaning towards helping the poor wizard before said man gave him a fair little warning before entering the succubus' room.
And t was funny to see the succubus being turned down time after time by the wizard, poor creature^^


Posted by IvesBentonEaton 11 months ago Report

I didn't mention all the details. I wrote that Dxyxallyxikspt had his own instructions but didn't explicitly state whose instructions they were. One could infer that those instructions came by way of Sanselibera, who decided to get the upper hand on her rival by having her promise a payment that she wouldn't be able to deliver.


Posted by Houyo 10 months ago Report

This story was a blast, I love the concept and it hits all my kinks but I was reading from start to finish on pure entertainment from the writing alone. Good job.


Posted by IvesBentonEaton 10 months ago Report

Ah aims ta please. Sometimes Ah even hits.


Posted by NightRoller 7 months ago Report

Honestly, the title and the first half of the first scene had me worried, but this ended up being amazing! I really love how, while you included cock vore (which I do not find enjoyable), you did mention the things that CV fans would like, without making it over the top sexualized. I would never had enjoyed this at all if there wasn't so much humor and irony in this piece, just because of the subject matter, but you really made it worth the risk! Definitely not the kind of stuff I would read for enjoyment, but definitely the stuff I would read for some dirty humor :')

This is a bit rambly already, but if I could, I would rate this 5 stars out of 5, and maybe suggest it to coworkers who don't mind the subject matter too much.

Your LONG story made it HARD to keep from laughing (and normally any facial expression is rare when I'm viewing things on this site, as I've trained myself), and it certainly wasn't a PUSSY cat about STICKING its joke topics into all sorts of crannies where it might not belong and SPURTING them out everywhere. It really RUBBED the reader the right way, SLIDING IN the humor without FORCING it.

Please don't make a sequel, I don't know how a continuation could top this. Unless you can, and I'll enjoy my second story containing cock vore.


Posted by IvesBentonEaton 7 months ago Report

Actually, I have a sequel just about finished, so I suppose I can only hope it is "up" to your standards. If it is not, I suppose I will have to toss it d-erect-ly in the bit bucket.