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Hi. I'm Houyo. I may be an asshole. Rock on. I'm a fan of most types of vore, but I'm a pretty big fan of M/F stuff right now. Pregnancy and gender bending are also two of my biggest fetishes.

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Commander is... In a mood."
spoke, internally sharing the cringe her fellow mercenary gave at the
sound of the news. The other woman grimaced and looked down as an
uncertain worry spread between the two. Charlotte and Amy, her
current partner watching guard over the prisoners with her, were
members of a mercenary band. And a rather notorious mercenary band at
that, though almost entirely through the actions of a single man.
Commander. A terrifying and unpredicta

sat there with an impatient look as if he had other places he'd
rather have been
stood there with a gun pointed at him looking as unamused as he
looked impatient.
room was white and empty. Sterile even. The only things in there were
him in his casual night life attire, her in her overly professional
uniform, and the chair he was sitting in. What else would you need
for an interrogation? At least, he assumed this was an interrogation.
If it was an execution she would have shot him al

was pregnant. Not that it mattered. She was food. Her name didn't
matter, her past didn't matter, and her life didn't matter. She and
her child were food and she just didn't know it yet.
at the mall. For maternity wear of course. She had grown rather big
so late into her pregnancy and she was starting to run out of clothes
that fit. She had put off buying proper maternity clothes in the
hopes that her current wardrobe would suffice and she had been proven
wrong. Fatally wrong, one

A caravan had recently failed to
arrive in the town of Gastro. Having been expected to arrive late the
night before, it was now mid day and there had still been no signs of
it. Worse yet, there were rumors that a new predator had been
stalking around town. A naga, a gluttonous mass of girl hungry
stomach. A single naga shouldn't be able to take down a caravan all
by itself though. And so Artie had been hired to investigate.
Artemis was a slim, athletic woman.
She kept her hair in a close croppe

It was a rather
peaceful day down the old trading road that only really saw use by
large caravans. After all, with the threat of roving bands of hungry
men that stalked the wilderness it was rare for a woman to leave the
safety of civilization alone. A tribe of wild monster boys could
descend upon an unprepared traveler and she would vanish into a
hungry gut before she could flee. So it was considered suicide to
travel without the safety of numbers except for those truly confident
in their abili

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I've been working on it for several years at this point and only just realized I haven't posted a thread to get the word out. i guess I've been waiting to get it more complete but its been in a playable state for a long time now. anybody interested?

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The majority of your M/f! I really enjoyed Monster girl Judgement with the humor! I’m probably going to read the monster hunting works because the description stands out to me >v>

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