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Vore and Me Posted 1 year ago
Vore and Me

Vore is fantasy, but different vore aficionados indulge in it for different reasons. Some like the total domination of a predator over prey; some like the humiliation of turning a sentient being into feces; some like the idea of being “cuddled” inside of a stomach (and usually don’t like digestion). There are likely as many reasons for liking vore as there are people who like it.

So what about me, and who cares? Well, in case someone does, I wrote this up—maybe because I might end up repeating it less on Eka’s forums, which is probably better for everyone. This wall of text will be tucked away in a blog no one reads and I won’t clutter up the forums.

On with the show.

Fatality: I dislike...
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Magic and Non-lethal Soft Vore on Āen Posted 1 year ago
The following is largely an excerpt of “Voracious Beasts and Where to Find Them on Āen”. It is included here as a shorter form concentrating on one particular section of it.

Āen: a world of magic, adventure, heroes, and villains; of dreams and fantasy; of everyday people brushing elbows with mighty knights and puissant wizards.

And sometimes getting eaten.

This world is a setting that has been developed over the years based on Dungeons and Dragons® version 3.5 because it had a handy magic system at a time when I needed one. Also, D&D has always been quite “vore-friendly”, going back to critters like the purple worm in the original edition published in 1974. After all, one...
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Tales of the Visceral Voyager: Progress Report 1 Posted 2 years ago
So I have posted five stories of the Tales of the Visceral Voyager, with at least seven more planned.

Unfortunately, I'm running out of ones that I have essentially finished writing. Number 6, "Duel of Drakes", is in the final editing passes (I hope), and so is Number 10, but I'm releasing them in chronological order, so #10 will not be released for some time yet.

Number 7, "Spellkeep", is only about half written, and it is absolutely essential to how the plots of the following stories play out, for it is here that Zōēā will invest a great part of the treasure she won from the dragon, Aragandafer. So I have to finish it before moving on; it will affect the plot of every following story.

Stories number 8 and 9 exist only as...
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How I Work Posted 2 years ago
I don't expect readers to be terribly interested in this particular blog post, but perhaps it will help current or future writers for Eka's.

Most of my story writing starts with OpenOffice, which I keep updated. The Tales of the Visceral Voyager, for example, are kept as a single document with each story title using the Heading 1 style and each Afterword titled with the Heading 2 style. This makes it easier to use the Navigator to jump between the stories so I can check continuity between them, copy and paste the more difficult names, and such.

I maintain a separate dictionary for this story file so I can add character and place names and...
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The Visceral Voyager: Origins Posted 2 years ago
My interest in vore probably started with horror movies like The Blob but especially with Dungeons and Dragons®.

D&D has many opportunities to satisfy a vore enthusiast. After all, many monsters in the game are monsters because adventurers are part of their complete diet, and the swallow whole attack has existed for some of the bigger critters since the original edition. Here on Eka’s one can see D&D or D&D-inspired games catering to our tastes.

The D&D edition my local gaming group uses, version 3.5, is littered not just with monsters that suggest vore but spells—hungry gizzard and bite of the king from the Spell Compendium, great worm of the earth from the Complete Mage, and even two clerical domains from...
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