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No longer uploading due to a caveat that completely restricts my creative abilities here. I'll find somewhere else to upload, MAYBE.

Until then, thanks to the few true supporters I have here. Much love.

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sweetladyamy's Blog - Hmmm... Posted 2 years ago

I just ran into a caveat.

One that will essentially force me to stop my current short story series, if I allow it of course.

So, apparently, real-life based settings with real people, are not allowed here, no matter the context.

Heh. So, now that I know this, that really limits my creative abilities here because...


I delicately integrate real-life people into pretty much any story I've ever written. I did this with a lot of my Final Fantasy fan-fiction, if not almost all of it.

Example: In a series I wrote, Terra Branford along with Celes Cheré, Locke Cole and Relm Arrowny all end up trapped in a future, and meet someone that eventually becomes a centerpoint person to them,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by SuperSecretSnacks 2 years ago Report

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Thank you! <3


Posted by Winny 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Hope you enjoy reading my degenerate content~ <3


Posted by CuddleSlut 2 years ago Report

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Posted by CuddleSlut 2 years ago Report

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If you like crude humor, it's worth a watch. Pretty short too, at 12 episodes. Always a plus to me when anime don't demand 300 hours of your life to finish. :P


Posted by CuddleSlut 2 years ago Report

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It's Panty Anarchy, from Panty and Stocking. The show has been called, "Powerpuff Girls on Crack". Despite the unusual style, it's an anime.


Posted by CuddleSlut 3 years ago Report

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Glad you got a kick out of it! I enjoyed chatting anime with you earlier. Do you have a favorite series?


Posted by Blakesnorf 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you liked the story, I worked hard on it :)


Posted by raigekink 4 years ago Report

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Hehehe. Don't hate the player, hate the game :D


Posted by IvesBentonEaton 4 years ago Report

The man stepped out of the car. He was a small, grayish man dressed in a gray suit and a black tie. He had the air of a process server…or a mortician.

He stood facing you and said, “Sweet Lady Amy?”

Without waiting for an answer, he continued. “I have been authorized under the Favorite Recognition Act to officially recognize your favorite of two stories, to wit: ‘Food Chained’ and ‘Talk to the Animals’.” The man solemnly reached into his coat, taking from it two items: a pointed party hat, which he donned, and a party horn, which he placed to his lips and blew once, the paper unrolling to gently tap you on the nose. Putting the horn away, he withdrew a beribboned scroll and handed it to you. “Please accept this scroll in recognition.”

Non-plussed, you accepted the scroll, and the man then affixed a gold star to your collar, nodded once, removed the hat, and turned and entered his car. Without another word, he drove away.


Posted by marloweny 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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