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Hello and welcome on my Userpage.
Due the fact that I'm german, English aint't my 1st Language, so I apologize for any grammar errors.

I'm 31 years old and have a fulltime job. So i barely come to time (or willpower /energy) to do stuff. Hence I do not do request or commissions unless they reeeeeaaaallly appeal my likinks.
I'm also open for going more into RP's again, but only if its RL Females. Sorry if i am biased :P

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Hello everyone,
or at least hello to the few who read this.

I write this blog to get something off my mind.
[size=150] I wonder: do I expect to much of RP's or am I myself the problem why I am rarely satisfied by them?
I do like RPing actually, BUT i dislike several things.
1. one liners
2. eternal respond timers
3. being ignored altogether (at least a response like "dont want to"/ "no time" is something I'd expect)
4. Fakers / Preferences being ignored (a reason I stopped RPing a very long time)

Since a few months I became more open to the thought of RPing again. However, way too often i felt disappointed in the end.
Either by partners not being able(trying?) to make it exciting or by them completely ignoring preferences.

I wont deny that i had...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Kelly 1 month ago

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Naaah danke für die awsome uploads :3


Posted by AthleticDashie 2 months ago

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you're welcome


Posted by Tornadochaser1 2 months ago

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You're welcome.


Posted by Kristian1172 4 months ago

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You're welcome


Posted by Datonenumbnuts 4 months ago

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You're welcome.
Love your animations

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Posted by sweetladyamy 5 months ago

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Absolutely, dear. Anytime.

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Posted by HMDVore 5 months ago

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Posted by Zookmaos 6 months ago

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Thank you for the awesome animations :)


Posted by Hestia042 6 months ago

Thanks for watching me.


Posted by Thunderusdash 6 months ago

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your quite welcome


Posted by CharlieQuantum 6 months ago

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No problem. ^w^ Thanks for all the work you have done.

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