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Hello and welcome on my User-page.
Due the fact that I'm german, English ain't my 1st Language, so I apologize for any grammar errors.

I'm 32 years old and have a full time job. So i barely have time (or willpower /energy) to do Art in the evening. Mostly only on weekends if those aren't full of other things. Therefor "I do not" do request or commissions unless they reeeeeaaaallly appeal my likings.

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Hello everyone,
I am writing this Blog Entry today to give you some news about myself and feelings of my chest.

As for the title:
Yes today is my Birthday. - My 32th one to be in fact.
I felt like I should give some Info on what I have been doing lately. Well, many things and nothing at the same time.

Actually wanted to keep this short, not a several minutes long monologue, so if you ain't interested in details, skip the Spoiler Section of my experiences and consequences, of the past year :P
[spoiler][size=150]Bad Habits/Problems due Stress or lazyness[/size]
The last few years my workplace had gotten more stressful and it caused my joy for Art to go down by far, also making me...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by redfrog 3 weeks ago

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No problem, love your animations!


Posted by DittoDotto 3 weeks ago

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Sadly im on the phone, so no flash works work. So the gifs can still make me happy. Thanks for thanking!


Posted by dreamweevil 4 weeks ago

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Looking forward to catching up on things I've missed!

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Posted by dreamweevil 4 weeks ago

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I'm so sorry I didn't already have you on the watch list! Some reason I thought you were already on it. Always admired your work!

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Posted by MouseBoy 1 month ago

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no prob, love your animations, would love to hear a burp in one x3

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Posted by IWantToBeEatenn 1 month ago

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np keep up the good work


Posted by VoreWin 1 month ago

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np, love your vore animations :p


Posted by extreme0089 1 month ago

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Posted by KlaudiaLaTerra 4 months ago

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No probs, keep up the awesome animation, the voice acting was lovely~ <3


Posted by Kelly 6 months ago

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Naaah danke für die awsome uploads :3


Posted by AthleticDashie 7 months ago

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you're welcome

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