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A reunion party

Emmet Raeburn settled into his chair behind his desk. LinkedIn waved an alert at him. A connection request by Stacy Anders. Normally he’d have declined it. There were plenty of recruiters and headhunters after him but he liked working his current job. But the name stirred a memory. Stacy Anders, she had the same name as this girl he used to go to high school with. He smiled when he remembered her. ‘Stacked Stacy&r

A bumpy bus ride

Amanda was not having a good day. She was struggling to keep her balance, holding tight while the overcrowded bus swerved through rush hour traffic. The driver was weaving in and out of traffic like a maniac. What was wrong with the guy?

Not only that but Amanda’s washing machine had broken down. As in, it had broken down during the wash & dry cycle last night which meant that this morning she didn’t

An emergency
callout, funny how often it was an emergency for these people wasn’t
it? Well Marcella didn’t mind, emergency rates meant more money for
her for basically the same amount of work. Right now she was riding
her bicycle towards Palm Heights, one of the more affluent districts
in the town where she lived to meet with a client. To have her baby.
Well not entirely true. She wasn’t going to have the baby. Just
hold on to it for a while.
Marcella did work
as a pregnancy sitter. Which

"So it's gonna
be a sunny day but if you're going to be out past the evening hours
make sure to bring an umbrella! Thank you for listening to KWA. We'll
be back after these messages!"
I slowly stretched
as I woke from my slumber. I hadn't slept this well in ages. Still
blinking the sleep from my eyes I turned my head to look at the
radio. When I saw the time I was instantly awake. I had a class in
less than an hour! I had overslept terribly! Quickly I jumped out of
bed and when my feet

"So it's gonna
be a sunny day but if you're going to be out past the evening hours
make sure to bring an umbrella! Thank you for listening to KWA. We'll
be back after these messages!"
I slowly stretched as I woke up and sat
up, fumbling for the volume control on the radio. I couldn’t
remember having slept that soundly in ages. As I slipped out of bed I
was reminded of last night’s events. And as I remembered I could
feel the slight weight in my stomach that was Andrew, still fast

Compression torque: A personally worn
device that applies a compression field around the body of the person
wearing it. It makes things smaller and provides a skin-tight
environmental shield allowing the person to breathe without having to
worry about oxygen molecules that are too big for him or her to
absorb as well as exist afely in otherwise hostile environments.
The setting on the bands can be
modified to alter the amount a person is shrunk.
It was late and I was half asleep
already, my mind

It was kind of strange looking at them
like that, they were so, tiny. The size of dolls, both of them. The
bracelets around their upper arms glowing with a faint white light.
Both of them where naked, clothes did not mix well with the
compression field and they were currently locked in an embrace,
kissing passionately. The sight was quite, erotic.
Of course I was naked too and getting
quite moist. My lips parted in a grin as I watched the lovers getting
more intimate with each other.

It was
late at night, near midnight in fact on the night of the full moon.
Candles flickered around the ceremonial octagram one on each point
and thick streams of incense twirled around the room while Lydia
leafed through the ancient tome. Precious stones lay on the points
where the chalk lines intersected and in the back the stereo was
playing soft occultish music.
Now all
these props where not strictly necessary, only a circle was really
needed but this was Lydia's first invocat

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Radijs' Blog - Comissions Posted 1 year ago

Hey all you loyal followers and fans. What's up? Well I wanna make more money! That's what's up!

Seriously though someone approached me a few weeks back for a commission and me, being open to new experiences and stuff decided to take him up on it. (Or her. I never asked about gender. Not my business anyway)
All in all I thought it was pretty fun to do. And I reckon I could enjoy doing it a few times more. So I'm now oficcialy open for commissions.

But why the hell would you pay me to write stuff? Well I occasionally (very rarely) find time and energy to write stuff on my own and then it's always something I feel like writing.
When you're footing the bill you you can make me write! Yeah that's right you can ensure that there's going to be new...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Paradox 9 years ago Report

Thx for the blog comments, but it seems you need to look how good your webbrowser refreshes, you just didn't double post, you quatro posted on my blog XD


Posted by Gypa 11 years ago Report

Your stories are hot.


Posted by Radijs 11 years ago Report

Actually its a rendition of great Cthulhu.


Posted by Radijs 12 years ago Report

I should continue sometimes. But I often find myself without time or motivation to write.

And even worse news now. I've just got a job so I'll have even less time!


Posted by dragonfred 12 years ago Report

should try make other part of number one show what happen next XD if you can :o well if you want too really XD


Posted by dragonfred 12 years ago Report

your welcome :)


Posted by TW 12 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch!

[ Reply ]


Posted by max123 12 years ago Report

ur welcome.so are u working on anything?


Posted by Junsei 12 years ago Report

Thank you so much for the comment! I promise to actually include detail about the fun part in the next chapter, 'kay? =)


Posted by Radijs 13 years ago Report

Anytime Negi!


Posted by negi 13 years ago Report

thanks for the watch Radjis!!


Posted by Radijs 13 years ago Report

Thanks for the praise. I'm by no means a professional author. I have planned more for the story. But alas, inspiration and time are often lacking. But keep an eye out for more!

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