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Hi, I'm Groblek. Welcome to my little corner of the Portal. I've been writing unbirth stories for over 15 years now, most of which can be found in my Gallery here. I've also published three ebooks with unbirth themes, which can be found at and Smashwords.
I've also written some scripts for comics that have been illustrated by various artists, those can be found here:

I've also finally set up a Patreon, join me there if you want to see some of the unfinished works that never made it to the Portal, and maybe help me pick some to finish when I'm between other projects.

If you're an aspiring UB writer who would like help with your stories, drop me a line at [email protected] I quite enjoy editing and helping others bring their ideas to life.

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Thanks to everyone who bought “The Perils of Succubus Summoning”, Lady Drasami and I have decided to make a sequel as our next comic project, and I’m asking for a little help from those of you who enjoyed it! Specifically, I’ve put up a couple of publicly-available polls on my Patreon to help me decide some of the broad strokes of how to shape the next story. First, a poll to calibrate the fatality level of the next comic - now that Kelliana and Desiree have slaked their hunger for revenge, the next one could be anywhere from “everyone lives to tell about their orgy” to “there are no survivors!” Vote for your favorites here:

And the second one is where you vote on favorite themes from the first one, that you’ll...
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Posted by VoidInVoid 3 weeks ago Report

I appreciate the favorite from one so esteemed.


Posted by KittyBoi 3 months ago Report

Thanks a lot for the fave and the comment, I certainly appreciate it.


Posted by Naganommer 3 months ago Report

Thank you for favoriting my story.


Posted by ken115 6 months ago Report

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Ah, I never got to read that as yeah I don't really buy things online but yeah. I think however if the person who is to do the unbirth was maybe a friend to a dying friend and is maybe unable to have kids it would kind of bring both of them closer and a bond would be made from it.

I know I come off as very strange as most think ub should be done with just no real plot other than payback or just wanting a child just yeah. I am a fan of gentle bonding stories and I don't see them much on here and I thought I give the idea.


Posted by ken115 6 months ago Report

I have been looking at all your writings and wanted to ask if you ever had the idea to do a unbirth/rebirth story with a person dying, like someone who might of done something for someone and are going to bring them a new life without dying.


Posted by Mettra 9 months ago Report

thx for the fav


Posted by Tomayo 1 year ago Report

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i'd be honored!


Posted by Tomayo 1 year ago Report

thanks for the fav groblek! always a big fan of yours


Posted by Personad 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favs!


Posted by RinTohsaka 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Groblek

Just an FYI, I recently discovered that Donutwish is actually not dead - he's just hiding out on Pixiv.

...however, it seems that the old Donutwish may be "dead" in a metaphorical sense (I left a comment on his profile detailing more info).

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