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Hi, I'm Groblek. Welcome to my little corner of the Portal. I've been writing unbirth stories for over 15 years now, most of which can be found in my Gallery here. I've also published three ebooks with unbirth themes, which can be found at and Smashwords.
I've also written some scripts for comics that have been illustrated by various artists, those can be found here:

If you're an aspiring UB writer who would like help with your stories, drop me a line at I quite enjoy editing and helping others bring their ideas to life.

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It's been a long time since I posted any reviews, but I'd like to get back into the habit. This time, I'm going to go through several comics by the artist OkayOkayOKok ( If you like pregnancy, transformation, age regression, or unbirth, I highly recommend browsing his DA page - there's a lot of good stuff there for free. OK has been selling comics for a while now, and while they're all good, not many have unbirth in them. However, I have two that do, and know of a third that's coming out very soon (more on that later), which I definitely recommend.

1) Wendy Wonka, Part 3: The Age Chamber
The Wendy Wonka series is a lot of fun, as long as you don't mind...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by PoserT 4 months ago

Thanks for the Fav, I appreciate that.


Posted by smog1 4 months ago

Thank you for faving one of my unbirth art trades :D


Posted by RinTohsaka 5 months ago

<< Reply To Groblek

Ah, that's unfortunate as I was extremely interested if the follow-up would explore what the end result of Eve and Karen's embryonic fusion would be.

Since it seems like we won't be getting an answer to that question anytime soon (if ever), I suppose I should ask if you have any other works that involve embryonic fusion as it seems to be something quite rare?


Posted by RinTohsaka 5 months ago

Hey um, over a year ago Donutwish had said that a follow up to "Anatomy & Physiology of Unbirthing" was in the works. I had recently asked again if this was still the case or if Murphy's Law occured, but looking closer it seems that he's been MIA for the last few months...

So do you happen to have any insight on whether this follow-up is in fact still a thing or if Murphy's Law really did rear its head?


Posted by WolfieBoy 11 months ago

Thanks for the fave!


Posted by sdfdsdsd22 1 year ago

Excuse me but when will you release The Centaur's Protective Womb?


Posted by Decepi 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave :D

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Posted by bc9342bo0delete 1 year ago

<< Reply To Groblek

I am sure I will. I've been more interested in oral lately, but this latest drawing was a lot of fun ;)

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Posted by bc9342bo0delete 1 year ago

Hey thanks for faving my drawing! I've been reading your stories since long before I had an account here ;)

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Posted by saintheartwing 2 years ago

So your pricing is 60 dollars for a 1000 word commission, is that right?


Posted by Siuddithsi 2 years ago

Thanks for fav ing PPPIP. Check part 1, you might like it.


Posted by hg1337343 2 years ago

Thanks for the fave!

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