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Hello everyone!~ Welcome to my userpage, I hope you enjoy your stay.

To those of you who, for some reason, want to chat with me, you can add me on Aim: [email protected] is the e-mail address you should add into the AIM info. =)

Please note, if you do add me on AIM, please either make it very clear who you are. Send me a private message if you so wish. =)

If you like my stories, let me know why! And if you want me to try and write a story for you, let me know as well. I'm always open for ideas. :D

Also, I'm a really big fan of Roleplaying. Its very fun for me, and its like writing a story with two or more people if everything goes well. Feel free to talk to me about playing. If our 'kinks' don't really match I won't be a jerk about it. =)

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Friday night was here, and the sound of video games could be heard from Vale’s living room. Visiting her tonight was an orange haired tabby cat demi. Kino wore his usual garb of stretchy green sweater and blue sweatpants. Comparatively, Vale was a very long and squishy naga, who was wearing a shirt that had a Nintendo controller on it with the phrase “press my buttons” on it. Obviously, the buttons were on her chest. IT was game night, and they’d been playing various game

Sarah was framed on either side by two white furred kitsunes. They were siblings that she met a while ago, and they had all just gotten done hanging out around the town. While Arashi and Kurohime were white tailed kitsune’s, Sarah was a regular human. Her dusty blond hair was covered by a hoodie that had white fox ears sown into it, and swishing behind her was a fake foofy white tail of her own. She had made it and attached it to her belt when she knew she was going to be spending the even

I always hated having to go to government places whenever doing a delivery. They rarely ever went well for me. Someone get angry, something was ‘missing’ and because I’m a human it was easy to just blame me over anything else. Lots of shooting the messenger. Looking up at this place gave me that paranoid feeling that someone could easily go bad. This was a ‘Monster’s Relations’ facility, and since I saw a lot of non-humans coming in and out of the facility, I

Gina had finally done it. Not only had she managed to get an interview with the government job, but she had made it past the preliminary interviews as well. So now she was sitting in the head of the department’s lobby, waiting for the final interview. Gina was a shorter human girl. She wore a dress shirt and a long skirt, and had a red bow settled in her dark black hair. As she sat there waiting, she couldn’t help but wonder who the person in charge was like. Were they nice; mean? It

“… and as stated at the beginning of my report, this is my final update on the hive mind entity known as Mani. Attached to this report are my resignation documents. Thank you for my time with the I.X.F.”

Marcus leaned back in his chair after pressing the send button on his computer. He’d been sent here to study and learn more about the alien hive mi

“Arashi, I’m bored. Do a magic trick.”
Cassy rolled onto her back on the bed, her pink hair making a waterfall that flowed from the bed to the floor. The smaller girl had invited Arashi over to spend time with the kitsune, but she had failed to think of anything to actually do once he had gotten here. It had gotten to the point where Arashi had settled into one of Cassy’s chairs and was reading a book; just idly enjoying the time together.
His ears did perk up when sh

Every day felt the same to Jacob. His daily routine only varied depending on if he had to go to work or school. He worked as a cashier in the local grocery store, so the most excitement he’d get is when someone would get snippy at him for not moving fast enough. On the flip side, his college classes were no better at keeping him engaged. They were the basic courses; not even what he was hoping to major in. The days seemed to merge together, and Jacob felt like he wasn’t amounting to

Terrance sighed as he looked at the empty town. He really hated it when he didn’t realize the town, he’d entered was empty. Terrance was a merchant who traveled from town to town in order to sell various kinds of jewelry. The problem is that he gets very excited about the jewelry he wants to sell, so he doesn’t consider whether there is anyone around to buy his products.
This usually meant that if Terrance stumbled on a town that’s been abandoned, he’ll accidenta

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Hey folks,
I just wanted to give you all a heads up, especially everyone who's ordered commissions lately, that I'm slowly working on things. With this pandemic hitting hard I sort of hit a point of mentally falling a part and I also got sick again. Woooo. Nothing bad, it was mostly stress & side affects from my post-cancer treatment. I have not forgotten about your commissions and I will be getting them done as soon as possible. I'm going to try and get some personal projects done as well to see if that can help my mental health and make finishing working on the commissions easier as well.

April is going to be a month of catching up & doing things to hopefully help me be in a healthier mental state. I appreciate all the support and patience you guys give me.

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