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Hello everyone!~ Welcome to my userpage, I hope you enjoy your stay.

To those of you who, for some reason, want to chat with me, you can add me on Aim: [email protected] is the e-mail address you should add into the AIM info. =)

Please note, if you do add me on AIM, please either make it very clear who you are. Send me a private message if you so wish. =)

If you like my stories, let me know why! And if you want me to try and write a story for you, let me know as well. I'm always open for ideas. :D

Also, I'm a really big fan of Roleplaying. Its very fun for me, and its like writing a story with two or more people if everything goes well. Feel free to talk to me about playing. If our 'kinks' don't really match I won't be a jerk about it. =)

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Terrance sighed as he looked at the empty town. He really hated it when he didn’t realize the town, he’d entered was empty. Terrance was a merchant who traveled from town to town in order to sell various kinds of jewelry. The problem is that he gets very excited about the jewelry he wants to sell, so he doesn’t consider whether there is anyone around to buy his products.
This usually meant that if Terrance stumbled on a town that’s been abandoned, he’ll accidenta

There was something strange about the village. Adrian had come home in the early hours of the morning, but despite it being so early the village felt… quieter than usual. There wasn’t any sound of animals starting to wake up, nor did he notice Ms. Buligard setting up her stales of fruits. Usually there were one or two children running around; having snuck out to play when they shouldn’t. Yet today none of the usual sounds of life were heard.
Adrian had been away on a trip to

You know, as much as I adore eating humans and making them a part of me, I can’t help but appreciate how innovative they are. They’re wonderfully gifted at making things, and this mirror is no exception. I’ve been working through this lovely little village I found, but its always nice to take a moment to admire oneself when you get the chance. After all, look at me. My hair is quite long, flowing down and resting just above my butt, and its got a lovely dark green color that ma

Kino said not to drink the punch, and Kirbster was quite glad to have been warned. The white-haired fox boy rested a hand on his distended stomach, the belly full of other squirming prey. He was a smaller fox boy, and had a soft curve to his hips that was quite possibly due to his diet of cute prey. It hadn’t been that large of a party, there were only 10 people here, including Kirbster and Kino, but most of the party had been… relocated at this point thanks to Kino’s little t

A cool breeze flowed through the forest as Kay, Kreia and Elisa worked on gathering fruits and berries for the banquet tonight. It was the start of summer, and the harpy village that Kreia and Elisa were apart of wanted to celebrate. This meant that everyone was going to provide for the evening’s events. While Kay wasn’t a harpy, he was considered a part of the village. It didn’t help that he liked helping the cute harpies, so when the two harpy sisters told him about their pla

Julia was woken up by a text from her phone. The soft glow of the screen guided her foggy mind. She let out a quiet groan as she checked her phone. She had a new text, all lit up and ready to be read.
“Hey, you awake? We’re here and ready to go, so get your butt up and going before we drag you out to the party with us!”
Clare. She was trying to drag her to a party again. Julia had managed to avoid going to the last three parties, mostly because she hated being in crowds, bu

It was a slow, quiet night at the Dandy Cat Bar and very few people seemed to be around. It was a rare night that Kino decided to come out for drinks, and he couldn’t help but count his blessings when he slipped into the mostly empty bar. He wasn’t one for crowds, so a nice quiet night where he could snag a drink or two after a long day of selling potions felt like a nice treat. After all, it was important to let loose every now and then and enjoy the town he lived in. Besides, who k

The sound of weapons clashing, groans of pain, and an announcer’s declaration of victory filled Julien’s living room. It was early in the morning and sitting on Julien’s couch was a short, curvy redheaded girl. Cara had stayed the night playing various games with Julien, but it seemed that she had risen early this morning in order to practice. She was playing an obscure fighting game that came out recently. Julien usually was able to acquire more indie titles, and he loved tryi

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So, I'm still working through chemo and cancer treatment, and have found myself in a position where I'm overdrawn and am in desperate need of funds.
That means that I'm going to open up some flash commissions for you all! The limit is going to be 3k word stories per order, each priced at 30$ (or 10$ per 1k if you want less then 3k). I definitely need help right now, and any help is appreciated. The hope is to turn these around relatively quickly for you all so you don't have to wait very long.

The rules:
PM me the synopsis of what you want written. If you want me to use your own characters, you need to give me information on said characters so I can portray them properly. The more details you give me, the faster I can write the story for you.

I will not write Pregnancy, Rape, or...
[ Continued ... ]

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