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Hello. My nam is sayuri Anjalika, but people just call me alli, i am a lil mouse who enjoys making pixel art, i prefer wholesomeness over lewd cruelity
Also i love seeing comments ^-^

i have a devient art, so if you wanna see me there two, you know were to find me

link to my new discord

A good helpful friend ^-^

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AllitheMeal's Blog - I can't decide! Posted 1 month ago

So I wanna draw more mawshots. But my brain is conflicted on who to draw... And what to draw them doing honestly. So I'll give y'all some options and let y'all choose what you guys wanna see

So first let's give a few characters to choose from, these are characters I'm feeling rn
Gwenpool from the unbelievable gwenpool
Tina from borderlands 3
Mina from smva
Monika from Doki Doki
N or Uzi from murder drones
Any inkling or octoling y'all guys wanna see
Or one of my ocs if y'all wanna see those multi colored mouths

As for what they can be doing. Here is what i enjoy to draw
Simple maw shot
Swallowing a small prey
Wholesome tongue snuggles
Burps ((burps are nice))
Burping up clothes

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Pebbleroni 2 months ago Report

Thanks for watching


Posted by hypnolatex 7 months ago Report

Thanks for all the support you show me and keep up your good work too, love ya fren~


Posted by TyronneVB 8 months ago Report

Happy birthday dear friend


Posted by coldfire1200 9 months ago Report

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Say you


Posted by Aru 10 months ago Report

Thank youu for the watch ywy


Posted by CardsBears 11 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch!


Posted by Iseta 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by EmblemMan 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by biscuitman 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch, and here's a headpat ^^


Posted by BadlyDrawnDedede 1 year ago Report

Hey there, a bit late, but welcome to Eka’s! Have some fun in the craziness and enjoy your time here!


Posted by AkaneHimiko 1 year ago Report

If you ever need a warm place to stay you know where to find me~ ^^

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