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I wanna draw more murder drones >> Posted 1 month ago
I am still thinking about murder drones. And honestly I love drawing them. There designs are both simple, yet have alot of fun Lil details. Infact drawing them alone has improved the way I draw so much. One problem through. I need ideas for them!

Basiclly just asking for people to send me ideas Involving any if the cast. And I might draw a Lil sketch of it for ya ^^

The only thing I ask in return is to help spread the love for this show! This cast is perfect for vore >w>
Soooo. Where am i Posted 2 months ago
So you may have noticed that I kinda went missing for a while... I'll be honest, I've been drawing murder drones for the past like 4 weeks? A few sketchs where posted to deviantart, and alot of them are posted in my discord.

I'll try to digitalize them. But I haven't been able to sit down and digitalize like I used too. Perhaps I'll just start posting the sketchs here. And I'll let y'all choose which ones need to become digital
Post digestion? Posted 3 months ago
So. I checked a bunch of images, and ugh... Everyone seems to like the last part of that ddlc Collab I did. Which is weird because I'd assume everyone would like the first part and have easy access to the other two. But part 3 has like 15+ more favorites then the other two. And outshines most of my images by 50+

So ugh... I guess people really like post digestion. Which to be fair, I do to. So I guess I'll draw more. Anyways I'm drawing tari post vore today. Along with some belle vore

Don't worry. I'm still addicted to the murder drones trailer. And that image is already in the digitalization stage
the start of something lewd! Posted 3 months ago
TODAY IS THE START OF A GREAT EVENT. It's Ravana's astronomic takeover! from today, September 25, 2021, to December 1st will be for the lewdest of ideas, boobs, butts, dicks, digestion, and any other thing i feel like drawing, ((ill mark the weirder stuff on the thumbnail)). now this has twoish parts, first is the Halloween costume party, where ill be posting random costumes, forms, and other things Halloween related things, November will be for weirder vore, the month of the feast is perfect for a lot more vore.

to be honest this is just an excuse to draw weirder things without getting rid of my wholesome theme. ill be keeping the images that go into these events in there own folder to keep them separated from my wholesome stuff
why was i gone? Posted 4 months ago
you guys might be confused why ive been gone for so long. such a long time with out an update, well i had the covid
not much more then that, i dont got covid anymore, so thats good.
I have a qrestion for you guys Posted 5 months ago
ok, I have two, first, what should I call yall, like how game grumps calls their fan's lovelies, maybe fuels? IDK ill let yall decide

second, and the more important one, as yall have probably noticed I don't draw just pixel art. Lil insite, i actually draw on paper first, and i wanted to know if yall would like to see the hand drawn images aswell?
maybe if he'd let me i can even show off some of tyronnes sketchs he makes for our collabs
Hey cutie Posted 7 months ago
First I wanna say
Harpy pride month! I cant wait to draw abunch of harpys

Btw. Special surprise coming tomorrow. Look forward to that
Pixel or non pixel Posted 8 months ago
So as you may have noticed I've been doing alot of non pixel art images lately. And that is because I've made a major realizations, I can use a mouse and gimp to trace my own hand drawn images. Along with some close up selecting I can do images with some shading too. I wanna ask something though
Would yall like me to continue the pixel art, or would you like me keep up with the digitalized hand drawn images
Random qrestion Posted 8 months ago
Alright so. I had an idea for an image on celebrations for the new komi anime announcement, and I wanted to know what yall think about me making an image with a male prey.
Nice Posted 9 months ago
I have reached 69 watchs. Nice

Seriously though I'm genuinely surprised that anyone wanted to stick around to see my art. But I'm so thankful for it. It's a small amount. But I'm happy even to see 1 person enjoy my content