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Previously Optimisticdinner.
Hello there, I write stories and sometimes do a vore game.
Also a big preyslut with dirty kinks.
Also semi-awkward, so sorry if you do decide to message me for whatever reason.

I have horny post twitter where I retweet many vore: https://twitter.com/FutureBellyAche?s=09
Here's also an F-List of my kinks. If you're interested I guess. https://www.f-list.net/c/futurebellyache
I also have a Kofi. If you enjoy my content, a donation goes a long way towards motivating me to create more stuff.
Though I can be a bit slow at times, I do intend to complete most things I start. Yes, including that thing you're thinking of.

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Hello all. Yes it is my birthday! I'm not exactly super old but I'm getting there.
I'm gonna be going out for shwarma because it can be really good but nobody else wants to go out for it.

Aanywaaays, thanks for bearing with me over the years as I slowly release my stories and now games. Getting covid reaalllyy stalled most of my plans when it came to making stuff for this portal. All in due time. I have some plans I'm pretty excited but just need to find time for.

There's been more male pred stories in my gallery too. I've been wanting to create more content like that. For those of you who don't like it, the thumbnail will have a blue color so you can tell at a glance if you should avoid it. And vice versa for female preds and pink. I haven't really written...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by EmblemMan 2 weeks ago Report

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That's really nice to hear! That was a fun RP for sure, and the concept was one I was fond of, especially considering I'd never done a story based on an anime - and I love Marin.


Posted by StickyGlobule 2 weeks ago Report

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Posted by EmblemMan 2 weeks ago Report

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Well, thank *you* for the watch now too! I'm glad to hear you enjoy my stuff, since I've enjoyed plenty of your writing as well!


Posted by KiteRan 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To FutureBellyAche

Oh look, its the guy who made the game that contributed to keeping me sane when college got rough, hello, you're awesome xD. Thanks for the compliments, my art is like super rushed though, I draw an idea to get the horny out and go back to getting my code dunked on by my Prof. Going from drawing fanart on Twitter to straight up vore got me tripping (in a good way :p).


Posted by TresLeches 2 weeks ago Report

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Thank you so much for all the reasons I watched you~ ♪


Posted by CabinFeverKitty 2 weeks ago Report

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Well this cabin IS driving me bananas! ???? (seriously my pleasure to folllow you though)


Posted by BridgeCross10 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by ChristianBoiy 3 weeks ago Report

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Yeah! I've been following your posts for a good while now, since back when you posted Yuri's Late Night Surprise (though I didn't have an account at that point). Your stories are amazing, exactly the type of things I love, and the writing is great too! No idea how I've been following you for so long but never watched.


Posted by AustinDR 3 weeks ago Report

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Aw, thanks. I had no idea. But I appreciate that.


Posted by soyaEgg 1 month ago Report

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Thank youuu! Glad to hear that :3 It's one of my personal fav too that big detailed bulge is just tooo good

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Posted by quillan 2 months ago Report

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your welcome


Posted by Norththe3rd 2 months ago Report

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You're welcome! :)

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