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Jerry’s Giant Amphibian World
By TwrchTwryth
Valerie Melancot never looked forward to spring break. For a period of about three weeks, Jerry’s Amphibian World would be filled with loud, lewd, often intoxicated coeds making a nuisance of themselves, messing the place up, and often times throwing off the delicate diets of the zoo’s creatures. It wasn't an ideal time for the park's lead paleo-zookeeper.
It wasn't a lot of them that actively tried to feed themselves to the animals

By TwrchTwryth
Between Sophomore and Junior Year
KC Barnhart loved the outdoors.  Hiking, fishing, swimming, even a little mountaineering, if she had the chance. Always had as long as she could remember. It was part of the reason she had gone away to Maine for college, to get the northern coastal beauty, but now that she was back home in Wichita for the summer, she still reveled in the great outdoors.
It had taken some cajoling and promises to get her summer fling, Rory Carbonnel

Road Trip
By TwrchTwryth
Freshman Year
It might not have been the most reasonable decision, but when your friend's family offers you a long weekend at their cabin on Lake Champlain in late April, two weeks before finals, you still have to jump. Even with the drive, it was an easy choice for KC Barnhart, her roommate Emma Kincaid, and her friends Spenser Conley and Leanne Starnaud (whose family owned the cabin).
It was about a five-and-a-half hour drive from Yarmouth to Plattsburgh, so a complete

Through & Through
By TwrchTwryth
Junior Year
KC Barnhart really regretted having a 4:00  Friday class. It was the only time that Governmental & Non-Profit Accounting was offered, but it meant that everyone else started their weekend early and that for at least the first month or so of classes, she would be getting out in the dark. It was only the third week, and she was already miserable.
It extra didn’t help that her friend Hailey Monroe was in town, up from Portland. Hailey

On the Receiving End
By TwrchTwryth
Junior Year
“Are you telling me you’ve never gone all the way through?” Regina DeWeis scoffed.
KC Barnhart shrugged and blushed a little, setting down her coffee. "No, I -- I mean, yeah, I've done it to other people before, but no, no one's ever all the way'd me."
"God, that's the most cis-het guy thing I've ever heard," Regina laughed. KC cocked her head, so Regina explained herself. "How many times have you been with a guy that wants you to

Roommate Hazards
By TwrchTwryth
Freshman year
When Emma Kincaid learned that she was going to be rooming with a hermaphrodite her freshman year at Wyden University, she had been interested and also a little nervous. She wasn’t sure about rooming with a person with a penis, but apparently there had been some uneven number of genders and she ended up with the short end of the room assignment algorithm. She could have declined, but she didn't want to make waves and besides, the herms she knew

We Go Together
By TwrchTwryth
Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rajang Mangrove National Park
Nurul binti Idrak was having a good day. Since it was a Sunday, her shift at her uncle’s carpet company was only a half day. Business was good and today not stressful; payments had come in on time and no one called to complain. They had gotten done early enough that the pretty hermaphrodite was able to pick up ayam goreng berempah and flowers on her way home. It was hot, like every other day in Sarikei,

Aloft in the Loft
By TwrchTwryth
It was their second couples’ date night, three months after Harmony Bergen and Corinne Fellure reconnected in the Burnquists’ basement. Thanksgiving was fast approaching, but they two couples managed to squeeze in a quick rendezvous before any travel. The night started off at Puntland, a hole-in-the-wall East African joint that was nonetheless delicious. Pablo had suggested it and though Monica had some reservations, everyone fell in love with the inj

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The Zielinski Sisters

By averyhillpeak

  1. The Zielinski Sisters
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Five stories for Turkey Glutton Day?

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Posted by Cowrie 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by lorenzo64 3 months ago Report

Love your older stories like 'Seven Sisters' and so many more over the years where reformation or soul searching not in the cards. I mean your attention to detail is great as is your subtext but if there isn't the risk of permanent (fatal) results is at least a possibility, what's the point. Otherwise its 'been there, done that' and you put on your rose colored glasses and go home.


Posted by corrbear 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the follow!


Posted by Vmaster608 8 months ago Report

<< Reply To TwrchTwryth

I understand. I still look forward to seeing many women being eaten.


Posted by Vmaster608 8 months ago Report

I have notice you have not done much F/multiple prey.


Posted by AlbanyExpression 2 years ago Report

Really enjoy your take on fatal vore when you do that, great stuff!

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Posted by argdhal 2 years ago Report

Glad to see you back and posting so much! You are pretty much my favorite writer on this site, and I've enjoyed your stories for years. I especially love your F/F and mass vore stuff - one of my favorite stories has to be one of your older ones, vore through out history, Ravena. I hope things are going good for you.


Posted by furtherbean321 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To TwrchTwryth

Fair enough, that all sounds good to me. I'm just glad you're back and posting so regularly.


Posted by furtherbean321 2 years ago Report

Are you working on a Daphne's Awesome Vore Show update?


Posted by Bunnyfrost 2 years ago Report

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Posted by Bunnyfrost 2 years ago Report

Have you thought about doing a story of the first time the triplets father ctf their mother


Posted by Bunnyfrost 2 years ago Report

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Do what you enjoy

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