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School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 10: Sizzling Fryer-Girls
By Cromm Cruich
The sizzling sound from the two occupied frying vats filled the classroom like a heavy rainstorm, while the tempting aroma of the frying meat of Tabitha Harcombe and Lara Rivers made many stomachs growl and many mouths water. At the three remaining stations, Genna Cannolo, Phoebe Chisholm, and Megan Monroe sat naked atop their prep counters, each locked and tied into their respective frying racks, awaiting their o

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 9: Deep Fried Tabitha and Lara
By Cromm Cruich
Tabitha Harcombe sat atop the prep counter in the same position in which she'd helped prepare Courtney Taylor such a short time ago, staring down at her clothes in a small pile on the floor. On one side of her stood her classmate Celia Becker, apple-cheeked and brunette — the incongruous vegetarian in this meat-focused cooking class, who nevertheless happily assisted in the culinary preparations of her

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 8: Kentucky Fried Chicks
By Cromm Cruich
Over the next week, the remaining students were given detailed and careful instruction in proper deep frying methods. "Working with hot oil," Mr Findlay told them on that first day, "can be dangerous even at the normal scales we'll be starting with." Standing behind his central workstation, he was demonstrating with a small game hen held in a wire basket over a 12-quart, heavy-bottomed stock pot. "Needless to sa

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 7: Classmates' Boiling Passions
By Cromm Cruich
It was midway through the last of the boiling lessons in the Culinary Arts classroom. Maria, having already prepared Brett Lange for the pot in her own group, was walking with Gloria toward the workstation where Courtney Taylor sat in her own pot, attended by Rayne Morris and Tabitha Harcombe. The bespectacled redhead had fetched Maria's at the request of the others in her group, ostensibly to speak to her

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 6: Cauldron of Delights
By Cromm Cruich
"I can't believe we’re actually doing this," complained Courtney Taylor, as she finished removing her shoes and socks.
Surrounding her, the three classmates in Courtney's group awaited the baring of her flesh with rapt attention, each eager in her own way to get a good look at the main ingredient for their boiling assignment. Rayne Morris held the nylon cords that would bind Courtney's wrists and ankles. Tab

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 5: Simmering Desires
By Cromm Cruich
with editorial work by MagicianX
When Brett arrived in class, he looked around the room at all of the remaining girls, wondering which of them were going to get boiled in pots today. The classroom was somewhat more spacious now; there were only twenty students left after that amazing spit-roasting lesson, and seventeen of them were girls. He looked to see if any of them were reading the schedule on the monitors so he

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 4: The Night Before Boiling Class
A guest chapter by MagicianX
with editorial work by Cromm Cruich
Moments after her parents departed, Thora Curry was out the door. By the time she reached the the end of her street she was away and flying.
She breathed deep, filling her head with the scents of night as her body assumed the smooth, nearly effortless rhythm of running. The relief was immediate; her heartbeat became steady, and the irregular jolts of excit

School Lessons in the Culinary Arts
Part 3: Popular Girl Platter
by Cromm Cruich
with editorial work by MagicianX
Impaled and helpless at Gloria and Brett's workstation, Mandy was in the final stages of her preparation. She lay exhausted, spent, and emotionally drained, her consciousness flickering in and out of focus, and as she rested on the counter where she had been spitted, she saw Glora slide an adjustable crossbar onto the end of the spit that extended from between her lips. Mandy was s

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With the posting of School Lessons 10: Sizzling Fryer-Girls, the end is much more clearly visible. Three lessons concerning three different cooking methods have been completed over those ten chapters. There are three lessons remaining, which, as with the previous lessons, may need to be told in multiple chapters.

It's now been over three months since I began this series, and when I look back on my initial plans, I can't help laughing at the fact that I had originally thought it might be possible to tell the whole story in a single post. I've now written around 72000 words in this series (and an additional 11500 words were contributed by MagicianX, for a total of around 83000 words), which is a respectable size for a novel, though...
[ Continued ... ]

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