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The House Special
  Lauren heaved a heavy sigh as she stared at the old fashioned digital clock that hung over the entryway of her workplace. Gary's Galactic Grill was by and large little more than an interstellar greasy spoon on an old mining station in the kuiper belt, but it was well liked by everything from silicon based rockmen to carbon based reptilians for adjusting its menu to fit all varieties of nutritional intake and diet. Today however, had been an absolutel

Hot for Teacher Fiona rested her chin in her hands, as her elbows sat on the table to either side of her textbook. Now and again, she would brush a tuft of her long, golden hair from the side, to behind her ears. The flat bangs that came to a stop just above her gently arched eyebrows were the boldest fashion decision the highschool senior had ever undertaken, and she had only really tried it solely to impress her tutor, miss Akako. The giantess oni was quite ambulatory when she was exp

One Last Walk

Equustra felt her stomach begin to tie itself in a knot as she felt the livestock truck pull up to a decadent, three winged mansion. She had trained all her life for this, but now that the moment had actually arrived, the thought of what was to come was another beast altogether to the unicorn. She'd carefully managed her diet of fat enriched grains to ensure she was well marbled, but what if the diners found that she lacked enough substance in

Last Call
“Come oooooooon Haddie!” Xera groaned impatiently as she adjusted the purple shimmel shirt underneath her leather vest. A task made all the more difficult, and sensual, by the fishnet vest between the two. The drake loved playing the part of the bad, biker girl. Especially since she knew her immensely shy girlfriend hated to have any sort of attention levied on the two of them, and Xera’s cleavage revealing, daisy duke toting, spiked heels clicking look certainl

Sandra remained steadfast as she stood at the side of the family pool with her arms folded tightly under her ample bosom. Water still trickled down her mildly plump, slightly rounded belly, currently clad in a pink one piece bathing suit, and further over her sizable butt and thick thighs. She flipped her long, brunette hair back behind her head, and pouted. "Ohhhh! You guys are the absolute worst! You know that?" the forty year old cried out to her two kids.

Slowly, the Lamia slurped poor Mrs. Fletcher’s feet into its maw. The quivering woman was bound tightly with her arms behind her back, and her ankles tightly roped together. After giving its prey a good taste test, running its tongue up her thick thighs and over her plump rump, the half-snake gave Elena a thumbs up, and fingered through her wallet to add a quick, five dollar tip, all while the former teacher squirmed and moaned through her Voredash brand gag. It was a cheerful, digestible

Xera gave a long, contented sigh as she stepped out of the shoe store onto the busy streets of the city. “What a haul!” the drake called out proudly as her saurian tail swished back and forth in her giddiness, based just above her tiny jean shorts. She pulled out her phone and pointed her pretty green snout at its glowing screen as she began to text her friends. “Major sale today! Score!” she typed in, before adding a picture of th

Christina gave a loud yawn as she groggily sat up from her bed. The mouthwatering scent of bacon filled the air, likely being the catalyst to her unusually early rousing. The hypnotic aroma rushed the long haired brunette, clad in nothing more than her favorite rubber ducky panties and generic goth metal T shirt, through her morning routine, before heading out into the apartment kitchen. She didn’t bother changing her clothes. After all, it was just her Girlfriend Joanne. It wasn’t l

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Hello everyone. I've had a few questions about when I would be opening up for writing commissions, and while I'm not in the emergency state I was a month ago, I figure a little extra spending money certainly couldn't hurt. First I want to thank everyone who helped out with commissions last time. ^^

To reiterate the same prices and wills/won'ts; I ask 15$ per 1000 words in a story,and ask for half payment upfront. Upon receiving the first half, I will write the first thousand words and send it to you to make sure you are happy with the atmosphere and style. Once any discrepancies have been ironed out, I'll ask for the second half of payment, and complete the piece to your request. I'm perfectly fine with having to make some last minute adjustments, but bare in mind I can't do...
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