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is famed for its stories of monsters that eat humans without a second thought. One might think it just a myth to scare children away or at least a good reason to avoid the mountain. If you’re aggressive prey, like Frisk is, this mountain might sound too good to be true. Frisk is busy learning that it probably is, as she’s been looking for a pred for a few days and found nothing.


Lara was a very happy harpy. She had just gotten a job that allows her to travel all over the place and get paid for it and it paid pretty well to boot! Her job right now is to carry priority mail letters and packages to far away places. She finds it odd they aren’t using a normal mail route of any kind, but she doesn’t mind. Her only package was being taken to a mansion in the woods. When she landed on the front step, she ran

It was cold where Frisk found herself, making her very thankful for the sweater she had on her when she came to Mt.


. She made her way through a frozen forest, walking past a thick branch that seemingly snapped like a twig behind her. She eventually found a gated bridge and heard something slowly walk towards her from behind. “Human… Don’t you know how to greet a new pal? Turn around and shake my hand.&rd

It was a day like any other for Frisk until she had heard the story of mt. Ebott, the mountain of monsters who eat humans readily. When she fell into the cave, the last thing she expected to happen was her being adopted by an overprotective anthropomorphic goat in a large underground settlement with infrastructure built around puzzles.

The Ruins were a nice place, if a bit small, and Frisk did kind of adore the purple stone used to build


It is unwise to travel to Mt. Ebott, for the mountain was enchanted with a barrier to keep the monsters contained. Horrible monsters known to eat humans whole with no second thought. Any human that falls into the mountain will never return, likely consumed by the monsters within. These words echoed through Frisk’s head as she made a bee-line straight towards the mountain, excitement in her eyes. She could see the mountain’s in


In a normal kingdom run by an imperialistic tyrant, the last way you would normally describe them is “delicious”, especially when they’re still alive and still trying to take over the world… at least on earth. In another world, like this one, things are a tad different.


Iragul was in he

Empress Iragul lay on the bed in her tent. The up and coming evil empress exhausted from the long day. She silently cursed the resurrection pools she herself had pioneered some years ago, as now every campaign was nothing short of a slogfest. This conquest, which should have been over in less than a year, was already pushing ten. They had made running the empire easier both by managing court politics and by mitigating sources of mass death within her borders, but also gave her competition the sa


Nitori was a kappa known for, among other things, her closeness with her candid friends. A new friend had recently come into her life. This friend, a deity by the name of Hina Kagiyama, not too long ago began agreeing to help test Nitori’s more… interesting experiments, which have gradually become more and more… strange to say the least. On this day, Hina had come down to help test drive another recently finished machi

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Kind of. Also never was happy with the writting. Maybe (very likely) someday i will remake it. Actually reshaping it into a riddle game to add more of a challenge for the player. And also make the entrys more casual and willing porn.


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Sorry i deleted every story that contained loli character. Unless i 100% clearly aged them up.

Because someone shared my stories in public non fetish forums. Non of my loli stories was illegal. But i still not feel confortable writing stories with underage characters anymore.


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