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Sarah and Lindsey had found a quiet place to take a break. Vore-con, despite being mostly about eating and being eaten, was still pretty hectic. The two sat on top of a mer-boy trapped in a cocoon of sticky glue they’d won earlier. “We probably shouldn’t sit on this stuff too long, it IS designed to dissolve people after a while” Lindsey said, tossing her soda into a trash can. “You ready to continue the con?” Sarah asked. Lindsey nodded before some ran up to

Blanca the white rabbit was still recovering in the woods from her little slip-up last month. Since then, she had gotten her hands on a “smartphone” and found this “subreddit” about hunting her. She had just found the post about when she was caught last month by that human huntress and her dryad friend. Being roasted on camera was incredibly embarrassing and she hated how popular the video of her getting roasted was getting. She then noticed a recommended subreddit, &ldqu

Frisk could see what Papyrus just said had struck a nerve with Undyne. “He thinks I can’t be friends with YOU?! What a joke! I could make friends with a wimpy loser like you any day! I’ll show him! We’re going to be besties! AHAHAHAHAHA!... Why don’t you have a seat?” Undyne shouted. Frisk, now somewhat shaken, took a breath. ’Ok, maybe I can convince her that eating part of someone is a sign of friendship or eating all of someone is how you become besti

Empress Iragul was always regarded as being the source of great and strange situations. Her power exploded when she learned how to automate resurrection, which both made her head of an unstoppable military force and, unexpectedly, led to widespread cannibalism in her empire since death no longer meant anything. Eventually, she permitted cannibalism among her army to keep ration requirements low and morale up, but it didn’t take long for that policy to bite her in the ass. Word quickly spre

Linda and her two daughters, Sarah and Lindsey, had finally arrived at the famous Vore-Con! The 3 women got up to the door, showed their tickets, deposited their clothes in a nearby bin, put on the con bracelets, and went in. “You girls better be ready! I’ve got quite the appetite. I might just eat you two up in a frenzy!” Linda said, prompting a groan from her daughters.
The rules of vore-con are simple: no clothes. Sex and vore are allowed (within reason), and no disorderly

Back on the road, Frisk encountered a weird… mammal-like creature calling itself ‘Temmie’. The second she saw a whole village of them, she just backed away. They were cute but a tad weird and there was no chance they’d be willing or able to eat her. She did find it odd that they lived in an area lit only by faintly glowing crystals. She was about to walk away when a strange curiosity filled her. ‘The rest of the Underground isn’t going anywhere… one qu

Sans grabbed Frisk’s hand and headed away from Snowdin, which confused her, but not as much as the fact that they were seemingly at Grillby’s almost instantly. The patrons at the diner seemed happy to see Sans, who sat himself and Frisk at the diner’s bar in front of a flaming humanoid Frisk guessed was Grillby himself. After dealing with another whoopee cushion from Sans, Frisk was ready to order. Sans asked “

whaddya want? fries or a bur

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I was able to save some of Jessa's old art (archiving someone else's archive). Where would be a good place to put it now that imgur went stupid?

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