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The Entrepreneur of Sector 13
  A robot with her name on a card was waiting for Kahlee at the spaceport. Kahlee walked over to the droid and handed it her single suitcase and followed the machine to a waiting private transport. The black vehicle hovered with the door open, and the cavity beyond was shrouded in inky blackness by a vision distortion field. It looked like she was being invited to step into the void of space.
  Taking a deep breath, Kahlee entere

 "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you have any idea what your body is worth?" Some guy just walks up and says this to me. Can you believe it? I mean, sure I made sure to expose as much skin as possible when I chose my outfit today? This guy's lucky I'm in a good mood. Luckier that it looks like he has a big dick.
"That sort of thing is illegal you know. Are you, like, trying to get arrested?" I give him his chance, let's see if he's got any game.

You click close button for the umpteenth time, but the pop-up doesn't go away. Whatever it is, it's new enough that the virus scan you just ran does nothing to detect it. Since you aren't stupid enough to click on something so obviously a trap, you sigh and restart your computer in safe mode. To your surprise, nothing new has been downloaded since yesterday. Everything is exactly as you left it before that pop-up intruded on your browsing. You restore to yesterday's image just to be safe an

 "Awake and rejoice. You are to feed the goddess this day." Said a voice above Nillys. Nillys felt her heart pound at the declaration but woke softly without starting. After the ordeal of her cleansing she half expected to be sore and stiff but instead found herself feeling the best she ever had. The soft voice that had woken her up belonged to yesterday's tormentor. The petite priestess offered a hand while smiling cheerfully.
 Nillys accepted the outstretched

 Nillys woke softly in the brightly lit room. Cress lay nearby, peacefully snoozing where she had passed out, her crotch serving as a pillow for Nillys head. The sheets were still sticky from last night and the heady scent of arousal met Nillys nose as she sat up gently. She had marched to the temple resolved to sacrifice herself, but so far had lived an easy life of relaxation and sexual release. The reason was obvious, only one willing sacrifice could be accommodated at a time. Even

 Nillys was awake before the sun came up. In truth she would have to confess that she had hardly slept at all. Her night had been spent in nervous contemplation of the fate she would be meeting this day. Weeks ago she had willingly surrendered herself to the Legions of Valkam. Trading her freedom to the Valkans had saved her home, but also doomed her. The Valkans and Bischetti both offered their captives as sacrifices to the gods and titans of Mesk. Nillys awoke this morning to march

 Off in the distance a hammer could be heard. Kyei squirmed in place with the rest of the captives in the line as the first taps were heard. There was a long pause in the rhythm of the blows. Kyei and all the other women rubbed their legs together helplessly, not a single one of them was dry. Then the pounding started again, this time every blow was accompanied by the frantically pleasured screams of the woman who was being sacrificed a half mile down the road. After several blows the hamme

 Brindally took her time with dinner. She chewed slowly, and savored every bite, making sure that her lips caressed the fork she used and that her tongue played across every morsel. It wasn't because the food was that good. A standard legion soup with small bits of meat to keep their energy up. No, she ate this way because it drove Kahl wild to watch her lips at work. Kahl had finished in mere minutes, legion doctrine and training demanded that as little time as possible be spent idle when

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Hello all,

Doinstuff here, just a quick introduction to the weirdness you will find here. First off, I wouldn't count myself as a vorephile. I know that's a weird thing to post on a vore site, but honestly swallowing, belly bulges, digestion and the like are not where it's at for me. There is a big overlap with my real kink though, a fascination with masochism. Willing victims wanting to get their fix, consequences be damned, are all over the place here. Not to mention your community is way more open and vocal than the other places I've tried out. Even when working for fun, I try to give the audience what they want, so there will definitely be some pure vore stuff here as soon as I make it. In the meantime you'll have to make do with kinky sex, erotic rituals and a few instances of...
[ Continued ... ]

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I like the work, man! Not a whole lot of willing vore on this site.


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~ <3


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