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Night was drawing near, B'rie and D'lila were both recovered enough to move again. It was time to bring their catch back to the village, and give two of her newest pack members a literal taste of victory. M'kana always liked this part. Taking the lid off of the basket holding the doomed humans she looked over her victims. All of the human girls were hopelessly aroused, the aphrodisiacs from their capture and their impending fates had flooded their bodies with endorphins to the point they may

The pack was stirring in their hut long before the sun rose. M'kana could already hear the other girls sliding against each other as her lover's lips slid gently over her mound. M'kana and B'rie had been together a long time, and the dark skinned elf knew every one of M'kana's sensitive spots. M'kana spread her legs slightly and was instantly rewarded with the heat of B'rie's tongue probing her slit. M'kana had fantasized about feeding herself to B'rie before, and indulged the fantasy now as

The tribe was gathering to the sound of the drums. The children were gathered outside, watching as five of their number entered the warriors lodge for the first time. Only grown women, and warriors of the tribe were allowed in the lodge. Those who entered would leave the lodge as women, or not at all.
Inside the women of the tribe watched from their seats along the walls as the five initiates walked nervously into the center. Thula the wisdom keeper greeted each of them with a hug be

The three elven initiates walked down the path in nervous silence. Each of them knew that in mere moments, their naked bodies may be forfeited in the dangerous trial they were about to undertake. They kept their eyes on the sure and graceful strides of the huntress brave who led them to the sacred grove. She was M'kana, the true seeker, victor of 10 vine races, the second best archer in the tribe, devourer of three human warriors, and, if they survived their coming ordeal, their new first bra

The Entrepreneur of Sector 13
  A robot with her name on a card was waiting for Kahlee at the spaceport. Kahlee walked over to the droid and handed it her single suitcase and followed the machine to a waiting private transport. The black vehicle hovered with the door open, and the cavity beyond was shrouded in inky blackness by a vision distortion field. It looked like she was being invited to step into the void of space.
  Taking a deep breath, Kahlee entere

 "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you have any idea what your body is worth?" Some guy just walks up and says this to me. Can you believe it? I mean, sure I made sure to expose as much skin as possible when I chose my outfit today? This guy's lucky I'm in a good mood. Luckier that it looks like he has a big dick.
"That sort of thing is illegal you know. Are you, like, trying to get arrested?" I give him his chance, let's see if he's got any game.

You click close button for the umpteenth time, but the pop-up doesn't go away. Whatever it is, it's new enough that the virus scan you just ran does nothing to detect it. Since you aren't stupid enough to click on something so obviously a trap, you sigh and restart your computer in safe mode. To your surprise, nothing new has been downloaded since yesterday. Everything is exactly as you left it before that pop-up intruded on your browsing. You restore to yesterday's image just to be safe an

 "Awake and rejoice. You are to feed the goddess this day." Said a voice above Nillys. Nillys felt her heart pound at the declaration but woke softly without starting. After the ordeal of her cleansing she half expected to be sore and stiff but instead found herself feeling the best she ever had. The soft voice that had woken her up belonged to yesterday's tormentor. The petite priestess offered a hand while smiling cheerfully.
 Nillys accepted the outstretched

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So the good idea fairy has struck me at an inopportune time, but the idea is good enough that I can't just let it sit. I found a bunch of images from an artist that got my erotically creative juices flowing and started a "reader input" story. The full details can be found here:

If you've liked any of my works about people food, human sacrifice, and erotic rituals, then this should be right up your alley. I'm putting it in the forums since I can't use someone else's images in my gallery. Please come by and vote, even if you're not going to check regularly. I enjoy watching the numbers that choose my tribal girls fates tick upwards. The first vote ends on the 28th or if there's...
[ Continued ... ]

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