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It's still there and I am now the admin. Registration has been imposed to help hedge out a certain disruptive poster. While Eka's has many useful forums, a legacy board like BG is useful for arranging get togethers at cons or discussing various vore finds.

Should you register, you will find you cannot post until I approve your registration. Once that is done, hopefully things will proceed as before. So far everything seems to be working.

You can still view the board even if you don't register, and your E-mail and IP addy do not show up when you post. That last is important to some people, thus the IP stamping was...
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Posted by slimjam 7 days ago Report

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That is exactly why I recommend it, there's a bunch of moments that would make for some great vore scenes.
Spoiler warning!!!:

At one point the bear passes out on top of a guy, who yells to his friends through the bear's fat that he knows the bear is female because "It's vagina is pressed against my ear!"


Posted by slimjam 8 days ago Report

Have you ever seen the movie "Cocaine Bear"? I highly recommend it.


Posted by 5UP3RN0V4 2 months ago Report

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Never mind. Sent.


Posted by 5UP3RN0V4 2 months ago Report

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Didn’t work. Send me a friend request.
I’m 5UP3RN0V4#5498 over there.


Posted by 5UP3RN0V4 2 months ago Report

I don't know if I asked before, but... do you have a Discord Account?


Posted by Truthfulpietro 4 months ago Report

Did you see Dungeons and Dragons: Honour among thieves?


Posted by Lawman 5 months ago Report

I also wanted to comment you how much your art has improved over the years. You are very talented.


Posted by Lawman 5 months ago Report

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That's so true. Drawing for money would certainly drain all of the enjoyment out of one's art. I've seen so much drama caused by this and many artists dissapear being unable to fulfill commissions.
While yes, you're producing smut art that both parties (likely) enjoy but being obligated to complete something regardless of any inspiration or being in that "artistic mood" is something I could never do as a living. I'm a writer rather than a visual artist and I'd be surprised if anyone were to offer to pay me for written smut. lol


Posted by Lawman 6 months ago Report

I just wanted to send some love your way. You were the first vore artist I found when I discovered that I wasn't the only one that had this kink sometime around 2006. I always love stopping by your account, it's very nostalgic for me.
Much love,
-Lawman a.k.a Dicaeus


Posted by Tenacious 6 months ago Report

Just want to say how much of a fan of your work I am!


Posted by JackJackal 8 months ago Report

Hey~ Where did the sub folders go in your vore art folders?


Posted by Foundationrepair 11 months ago Report

Hey, since you're the leading poster of Smokey The Bear smut, I was wondering if you were planning on making a pic of Smokey eating his replacement, Ember the fox. (Not a request or commission, just a suggestion.)
And yes, Smokey is getting replaced:

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