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Bear and woman (color) By Strega -- Report

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Another old comic touched up and colored. I would swear I posted the pencils before, but I can't find them.

I am in the dreaded art doldrums and can't get motivated to draw new stuff, so as is my habit I colored this old one. For some reason I really like the feral bear/human woman pairing and I have several strips that run along these lines. At least this time it was obviously consensual sex before the bear got hungry. 83

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Posted by DJScoots10 9 years ago Report

He's satisfied in more ways than one.


Posted by theheadsn 9 years ago Report

great old picture :) awesome to see it touched up and colored


Posted by Cougar 9 years ago Report

Nice upgrade!


Posted by Larax 9 years ago Report

This picture could be more funny if in the last frame bear would have less painfull look (sorry, but for some reason it looks painfull for me) and would say "Ohhh, yes", like the woman in the first one.

Great picture anyway.


Posted by BardicLasher 9 years ago Report

This... is wonderful.


Posted by Imrhys 9 years ago Report

It may have even been consensual eating by how she didn't struggle, lol.

Always good to have something to fall back to when creative doldrums hit (I say that since writing is only loosely related to "art").


Posted by Strega 9 years ago Report

Writing is art. It can be easy if the muse is there and near impossible when it isn't. It requires the creative mindset, so I would definitely qualify it as art.


Posted by temporos 9 years ago Report

Although I agree with you (being an aspiring author myself), I also recognize that the vast majority of people don't see literature as art.


Posted by Olive 9 years ago Report

Very nice, but I imagine the woman didn't get to finish what she was going to say. Probably something alone the lines of 'Oh, oh... Oh no..'


Posted by temporos 9 years ago Report

Unless I'm missing it, I think you coloured over your tag. O_o


Posted by Strega 9 years ago Report

Or I forgot to tag it. Happens from time to time. Thanks for pointing that out. 83


Posted by red88 9 years ago Report

Love woman beast pred! hope to see more stega :)


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 9 years ago Report

aww if only the bear in skyrim can do that XD


Posted by Furui 9 years ago Report

I'm not a bestial person, but this picture is technically really impressive and inventive! =D Well done


Posted by Rivenscry 9 years ago Report



Posted by icn 9 years ago Report



Posted by ShadeSilverbat 8 years ago Report

me next ^.^


Posted by Hereforvore 7 years ago Report

Damn nice comic.


Posted by JacktheGreen 5 years ago Report

This must have been one of the earliest pictures of yours I saw. It is still amazing


Posted by SkittlesDemon 4 years ago Report

May I have a ride? <3


Posted by Truthfulpietro 3 years ago Report

I think I found it


Posted by Strega 3 years ago Report

Yes, that's the original. I scanned a lot of early stuff at stupidly low resolution because the internet was slower back then. The color version was a slightly better scan (and then colored of course.)


Posted by ElenaPrey 11 months ago Report

Oh my!<3


Posted by Strega 11 months ago Report

I've always been fond of male bear on human women, whether it be a feral bear or sort of humanoid. 83