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Remember the Big Gulp message board? Posted 7 years ago

It's still there and I am now the admin. Registration has been imposed to help hedge out a certain disruptive poster. While Eka's has many useful forums, a legacy board like BG is useful for arranging get togethers at cons or discussing various vore finds.

Should you register, you will find you cannot post until I approve your registration. Once that is done, hopefully things will proceed as before. So far everything seems to be working.

You can still view the board even if you don't register, and your E-mail and IP addy do not show up when you post. That last is important to some people, thus the IP stamping was...
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Raffle winners: Angie_Furclad and Surge! Posted 8 years ago
One I don't know and one who's been snapping at me for years. Hopefully they will want neat stuff drawn. 83
In case you missed it, free raffle over here: Posted 8 years ago

Kiala pointed out that not everyone looks at the forums, and forum posts don't show up on your artist watch list. So, here's a post that will show up if you are watching me, telling you about my holiday raffle. 83
The Temple of the Badger microadventure (D&D 3.5) Posted 9 years ago
The “Temple of the badger” (D&D 3.5 miniadventure)

Near an inconsequential small town, which could be anywhere in a semi-wilderness area, the party encounters a raggedy old man who claims to be a wandering oracle. After providing details on the party to prove his skill, he intones via typically vague and cryptic sayings that someone in the party is destined to recover a famous magic item from a monster-infested complex once known as the Temple Of The Badger. Luckily the legend tells of a secret way in, via the mouth of a badger-head carving in the side of a hill a few miles away. As they are destined to recover it, the oracle's musings imply they will get it without too much trouble, as they are to “Make it through the badger in less than a day.”

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Alignments of (some of) my predators. Posted 9 years ago
Alignment scale of my preds with some examples. This is based on the rather poor D&D alignment system, because I am most familiar with it. Now expanded to include Law/Chaos.

“Good” Good alignments are rare among my preds since few of then can reform their prey. They won't eat you unless you deserve it, in their opinion, or unless they are absolutely desperate. Others are less picky but wouldn't eat you unless they could reform you. The ones that can't reform you probably wouldn't eat you even if you stuck your head in their mouth if they don't think you deserve it. Even if you convinced them you could reform the odds are not good, since they would perceive it as a questionable act.


Lawful Good:
-- The...
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The lost weekend of Skyrim. Posted 10 years ago
I spent 61 hours out of a four day weekend playing Skyrim this weekend. This means that I didn't get a pic posted and didn't get any work done on the two raffle winner pictures. Sorry about that, the stupid game is sucking up all my free time. Hopefully I'll get tired of it soon and get some art done. 83
Looking for suggestions on what to color. Posted 10 years ago
My recent education on the function of the Multiply layer in Photoshop means I can now easily color practically any lead pencil piece I've done. I've already dug out perhaps thirty old pics I think are good enough to color, but if you have a favorite old pencil piece of mine, I might color it first instead of eventually getting to it.

Good pencil pics to color are ones with a fair amount of pencil line-age. These two, for example, are excellent for coloring and will be done soon: and Pics with less pencil work are also acceptable. I may...
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My newest vorish dream (dragon/bat) Posted 10 years ago
As usual, I don't know where these dreams come from. I can almost direct dreams sometimes, in the manner of a lucid dream, but I can't control what dream shows up in the first place.

This time I was a shape changer living in a human city. I seemed to be a human, and I could mimic other humans badly enough they immediately realized I wasn't their relative/wife/whatever. The most common shapes I assumed were human and a large bat. I used the latter mostly brcause there was a FUCKING DRAGON chasing me everywhere I went. (Or maybe it was technically a wyvern, I only remember two legs). The damn thing chased me everywhere and seemed to always guess where I would hide or how I would try to escape. More than once in the dream the thing was chasing me in bat-form and it opened...
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