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An absorption, envelopment, yuri, and romance lover. Sometimes writer of erotic horror. I fight an ongoing war between my fatal, sadistic side and my romantic, bonding, non-fatal side. And a "small" love for the mystical, supernatural, fantastic to have a trickster personality or a love of playing with those it/they/she likes.

Mmmmm, and my Dark side has finally come out to play. Ohhhh how well vore lends itself to erotic horror *smiles sweetly* This ought to be-- fun :D

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Chinese find eight lucky. What the Chinese thought about eighty...

had been eighty years since last time they had been alone at an
orphanage. Without little one. Eighty years ago they had met little
one. It had taken almost an entire revolution of this world to find
this building. This office within it. St. Gertrude's had quite the
front of addresses, owners, partners, associates, and properties
across The United States of America.

find things was what they did. Things w

Niacean, reports of abominable acts have reached the King's ear
about..." The High Marshal took a deep breath, running a hand
over his weathered face. "Jennifer, listen, I'm sorry, but
someone has to be pulled from the war effort to go check these
stories out. When the King heard of little children being gathered up
off the streets of one of his towns and carted out to Melza wood at
the edge of his lands to appease some monster and save local
lives..." The man's stee

Over #1 -

light is out in the front foyer, Ang..." Im'Rhys sighed,
pausing in her third circuit through their former combined dwelling,
standing in the currently dark front most room of the house. "But
of course you aren't there anymore for it to matter, hmmm little

two story house that sat in the center of just over four acres of
live oaks, pine trees, other trees Angela had encouraged her
Mistress to have planted-- had grown larg

to the Reader: as of the time of posting this I am not sure if this
will be canon, but the scene of Im'Rhys fiercely protecting a
vulnerable Angelissa and the possible consequences to Immy for this
has burned within me for a while now and wanted out, so, here it is.
of Love -
was a behemoth, this one was. Some four meters tall, over four meters
long. Walking upon four, thick, powerful legs, his upper body was of
corded muscle, turfs of fur, oozing sores, with two arms thick as

Guardian -
blood red mailed, four winged Celestial staggered, wobbling on her
feet as her harden steel, enchanted hammer dropped from her numb
fingers as her sky blue eyes rolled up into her head. Tattered wings,
splattered in the gore of a long battle still showed their white
pinions transitioning slowly into the light blue of her flight
feathers along the lower edges of her wings. But the numerous rends,
gashes, cuts, arrows jutting out from her torso, and festering claw
wounds had fi

Runner -
Lord, their runner has gone beyond the sight and hearing of the
sentinels." A raspy voice whispered from the darkness within the
heavy thud of thick boots weighed down by layers of armor and mail
approached the sole light source within the room. A translucent image
of a forest path with a young woman with long, pointed ears in dark,
supple leathers, a cloak billowing out behind her as she ran along
the path upon soft knee boots floated in the air.

Lover -
was down on her hands and knees before him. He had his fingers dug
into her pelt just below each of her broad shoulders and had handful
of her thick, short fur in each hand. He held so tightly it hurt, and
this made her back arch as his rock hard cock was driving into her,
stretching her tight cunt walls. Sweat ran off his body with the
strain to fuck her hard. Flicking her yellow hair with its brown
cheetah spots over her shoulder, she looked back at him.
face was slick w

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Imrhys' Blog - Throatwolf Posted 3 years ago

While I've been rarely around here the last four, five years, I still have enough ties here to hear word that Throatwolf, an old writing/creative friend here, that I came to know some IRL... Has passed away.

He always wanted to keep his RL separate from his life here, so I'm limited in what I can say details wise, but...

An old friend here is gone. I will miss him and his writing, mightily.

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Posted by JohnnyB 5 years ago Report

read your bio,
god tier taste


Posted by SynLightBreaker 8 years ago Report

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your most welcome I enjoy reading your stories ^^


Posted by Laughinman 8 years ago Report

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You're welcome.

Like you said, there aren't many ooz artists/writer. :D


Posted by Vixen20 9 years ago Report

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<3 <3 <3 Imrhys is too badass xP


Posted by gosoxtim 9 years ago Report

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are you doing more im"rhys stoies soon?

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