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The Siluvara Codex
Species Index:
The Bollar Freehold Clans, Part 1
The Bollar Freeholds are a human civilization of unknown origin. Due to the staggering level of energy and resources used by the Freeholds, they are collectively classified as a Kardashev-II (K-2) level civilization, approaching the level of K-3, with any one Freehold far exceeding K-1. According to the Carl Sagan method of measuring information transfer, the Bollar Freeholds register at Level T, with 10E+25 bits of officially

Ke'yep Technology: Pound & Fold
The Ke'yep people, who are currently organized as the Bollar Freeholds, are one of the three major forces in the Imperishable Legacy when Earth first encounters them. Having recently been under the constant pressure of incursions by the Imperishable Empire and a cold war with the Siluvaran Confederacy, they are largely a nomadic culture dependent heavily upon colony ships that travel in space and congregate around stars. Up until just before Columbus set sail

because the Bicalutamide treatments aren't working so well. We're
running out of options."
oncologist's compassionate and empathetic tone was nonetheless
filtered into monotonous background noise by Samuel St. John Imonje's
mind. His mind was too busy playing back all the previous battles
that he had won with death. It was then, in the end, that he realized
death had been stalking him all his life.
started when his mother, who immigrated with his father from Nigeria,
was hi

Imperishable Legacy Codex
N'han Hizar Haj-Bollar
60 Earth years
6'8” (2.03 meters by pre-Global
Reconstruction standards)
roughly 300 lb (~136.01 kg, rounded)
Bollar (Ke'yep)
eldest son of Arajo Council members Jisani and Ma'amud Haj-Bollar,
Rijaal N'han Hizar Haj-Bollar was born Rijaal N'han Haj-Bollar in
2350 A.D. on the planet Ross-154-D, which Earth calls “New Vegas”
and the natives call Absegami. His cl

The Siluvara Files
The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton
Chapter 12: Been A Long Time Coming
"Fairy women are, for all their high female to male birth ratios, not the friendliest culture in the galaxy for some of humanity.
While Africa's city folk are much more progressive, a lot of the rural population still holds onto various old traditions which, collectively, can be identified as highly patriarchal in na

The Siluvara Files
The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton
Chapter 11: In Memory of Bunnies
"When the Majestic Council of 12 got tired of the Cerulean Dawn's insurgency operations during the Third World War, they decided to retire the Men in Black division. The four hundred year old secret paramilitary organization, which had been the apex predators of all fighting forces in the world, had proven inadequate against th

The Siluvara Files
The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton
Chapter 10: Distant Early Warning
"Yes, Romba. Like that old jungle commando movie... you know, the guy with the machine guns..."
"Ugh, that movie? Of all the ancient human movies, you just had to become a fan of that one..."
"Well, he was hot."
"Yes, there is that... but still.

The Most Unfortunate Name In the Universe

The Company Who Unseated McDonald's

... and Brought Bad Luck to Earth?

Because Success is the Greatest Revenge

In January of 2261, during the depths of the Greater Die-Off, Siobahn and Owen Murphy, a brother and sister team in moderately-affected Dublin, Ireland opened a business of their own after being laid off from McDonald's on Christmas Eve during a period of sagging consumer demand.

The name of this store was Fairy Foods.


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(An Imperishable Empire Universe blog post, since the title is too small for me to include that)

First, a recap: Homo Sapiens Sidhe, aka the fairy species, has a birth rate of 1 male (extremely optimistic case) per 6 females. Most colonies will see 1 male per 8 females or even a male:female ratio of 1 for 10. Naturally, on the surface, this hyper skewed ratio is seen as the main cause for why male fairies have a strong advantage in male selection. This superficial take is called the supply and demand analysis: there is an undersupply of males, so females who wish to procreate are on the competitor side of the equation.

Fairies are on the far end of the pair-bonding classification, with males and females mating for life, and even widowed male fairies being unlikely...
[ Continued ... ]

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