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Hobbyist here. I like to 3d model and animate but i don't really get the time to do alot of that thanks to a busy life.

I am into some nice and dirty oral vore, involving alot of Maw and saliva play. I mostly like F/M vore, with cruel predators and Femdom. So a little size difference, large predators, big breasts are all my cup of tea.(I also like nsfw stuff like F/M r*pe, commonly known as reverse r*pe).

You will mostly see comics and maybe animations here, involving this stuff. I'm not really regular when it comes to posting as I get busy with college, but I do keep posting from time to time.

I do not take commissions but I do take requests.
If you'd like to chat with me about anything whether it's about rp or request, or just chit chat in general, My discord is "Fake Inferno#9633".

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By the time of me Typing this post, I've my first 15 watchers and I thank you from the depth of my heart, and I would like to know, what type of content do you expect more from me. As you know, It hasn't even been a week since I started to post, and what I have posted are just One shots. I plan to make rather long and multipart comic series involving Vore having Elements of F/m, cruel preds and unwilling vore,and possibly all the things you see in my bio.

I'd be posting shorts as well, and as a whole you can see all sorts of Humans, Demons, Anthros like Dragoness, Vixens, Snakes, Spider girls in the future comics. I ask you all, Do you like this variety of big busty women who are going to be dominating humans and devouring them?

Ofcourse, I'd be making comics that...
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