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I'm what I consider fairly simple, I like Monster Girls/Bois and I like Vore.
That is what almost all my content will consist of, so if you like that kind of
stuff you'll find it here.
To give a heads up, I am very unsociable and that is never going to change.

I do have other accounts on other sites, just not for the things you'd find here.

Note_1: I would prefer that you ask before drawing my OCs.
The only ones that are the exception to this rule are
->This asshole  DongWongTang
->This pleasant goober  MobiusTheIce

Note_2: The Nectians Race and the HiveBorn race belong to me. Most, if not all, art of them seen in this gallery will be Vore.

Note_3: RP is nice ... with close friends. I only like RPing with close friends. RPing with total strangers is a No and total strangers using my characters as RP characters is a Big No.

Thank you.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

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That as faster than I thought.

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Posted by Kirbster231 1 day ago Report

nice cookie run pfp ^^ dont know many poeple who play so thats refreshing to see


Posted by Potatomaximus 4 days ago Report

Thank you the posting spree. Ur stuff is hot


Posted by Dysmos 3 months ago Report

I'm sorry I'm saying this a month late, but I really appreciate the watch! Your work is amazing, and it really uplifts me to see someone of your skill like my stuff. Thank you so much~


Posted by Badfurson 4 months ago Report

Glad you like her, buddo.


Posted by GingerSnaps 4 months ago Report

thanks for the watch !

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Posted by ChrystalMori 4 months ago Report

Absolutely adore your work, Punk has been and still is, my all-time favorite predator!


Posted by Dysmos 5 months ago Report

Wow, thanks for the favorite! I really love your stuff, so I'm honored you liked something of mine~ I appreciate it, this will help motivate me.


Posted by DannyMB62 5 months ago Report

Love the art and the characters here, would love to chat on discord n such. Mostly on FA tho since this is my lurk account.


Posted by AromiSuola 5 months ago Report

Oh wow your art is so powerful~


Posted by UnknownGuy404 5 months ago Report

Wow, thanks for the favorite (ówò
I love your art and your drawing style (/w\

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Posted by LandofMysterium 6 months ago Report

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Good bye

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Posted by LandofMysterium 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To DongWongTang

I used to be Audrey from Discord.

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