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Three B's and Three V's


Absolutely NO ROLEPLAY
I do, however, enjoy having conversations so if you wanna talk Star Wars or Halo or about things or people you hate then go ahead.

If you want some music recommendations, just ask. However I guarantee it'll be powermetal if anything.

I like memes

Even ones that aren't that funny

And I have an unhealthy obsession with General Grievous and I'm upset that there's no GRIEVE-TAN Vore

Do you ever just get really angry, like to the point where you wanna draw something violent but because you're so angry you can't accurately convey the rage and violence you're feeling so you fall into an emotional void that gets shallower and shallower until you inevitably explode with all your life's rage at once?


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Despacito20's Blog - Vore ideas HELP Posted 2 years ago

Ok so I need ideas

That's it

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Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the Watch!~


Posted by Reactorgirl 4 months ago Report

Thank you very much for watching me, Despacito20 (=^ω^)ノ━★☆゚✿.♡*・。゚✧❀


Posted by konkaro 11 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :3


Posted by tykylo 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Despacito20

Obsessions are BAD.
(Now if only I could take my own advice lol)


Posted by tykylo 1 year ago Report

Commit the anti-Grieve-tan obsession.


Posted by Varu 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! I hope you like what you see!


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 years ago Report

Hey, what happened to the Grieve-Tan pics?

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Posted by TheNamesJackson 2 years ago Report

Stop it Jacob. You can’t keep chasing your own tail. This has to end at some point. Or are you that cruel?


Posted by Aesir 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Despacito20

Do lots of research, I suppose. It's pretty simple anatomy stuff, really.

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Posted by ForScienceAndStuff 2 years ago Report

My fuckin picto stopped working and I cannot see your messages. Now I have to acknowledge I seen them and tell you why I didn't respond on my cringy ass account.


Posted by noisekeeper 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Despacito20

It's a mystery~

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