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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit my user page! My name is Cerulesta, which also happens to be the name of one of my characters; my screen name is derived from her. I don't actually use her much anymore, though, so hopefully that saves all of you a little bit of the needless confusion that she caused in the past! \o/ Much of my artwork these days consists of my trashy main character Citrine and the various shenanigans she gets herself into, as well as a perpetually-growing number of (mostly) demi-humans and monster-people, because holy hell do I like those a lot. I also feature content that comes to me courtesy of Sycniele, my best friend and roommate. We exchange tons of ideas on a very regular basis, and I'm often inspired to draw the encounters shared by our characters. :>

For those of you who wish talk to me, please keep in mind that I'm awkward and not very adept at chatting it up with strangers, especially via PMs. This doesn't mean you can't message me, and for the record, no one in particular has caused me to bring attention to this. I just get quite a handful of messages, and because I feel bad when I can't cheerfully or easily respond to a fan of mine, I want people to realize that I most likely won't have a lot to say if I'm not familiar with them already. I love all of your kind words, but I'm not the greatest conversationalist. Sorry.

I would like to request that users please do not redistribute my work outside of Eka's Portal. I prefer that my vore art is kept within an environment where it is considered acceptable and will not be harshly judged by those who do not share this fetish. While I know that some other sites have sections or communities that enjoy vore, and I'd ideally be fine sharing my art with them, it's easy for just one person to take a picture and re-post it somewhere available to the general public-- and there are many out there who are very hostile towards artists who enjoy controversial fetishes like vore. I would rather avoid disgusting or upsetting others via my work, and I'm quite fearful of harassment from those kinds of people as well. If you really must re-post my art (since I know it already happens, regardless of my wishes), please try to do so in a vore-friendly environment. Thank you.

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Since it's been multiple months since my last submission, I figure I should probably say something to those of you wondering what happened to me. :'>

As the title of this post suggests, the reason for my lack of content is the same one that's caused me to clam up and stop posting several times in the past. At this point, it seems unlikely that my anxiety will ever truly cease to inhibit me when it comes to sharing my artwork... despite all the encouragement I've received in the past, it can be very difficult for me to get past my constant worries. When the stuff I've been drawing happens to be anything other than what's 'normal' or 'popular', I often can't find the courage to post it for fear that many of my viewers will be displeased, especially if I post a lot of oddball...
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Posted by TresLeches 4 months ago Report

oh no I've been discovered ♥

I adore your gallery and I'm unbelievably flattered to have your watch, oh my gosh~


Posted by Mecho 5 months ago Report

What an honor to be watched by such a great artist. Fan of your work for years.

Thank you SO much for the watch! =3


Posted by cannedculture 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To Cerulesta

I'm not sure how to get these things taken down but i can link you to it if it helps https://e-hentai.org/g/2068401/c45ce64a5e/


Posted by cannedculture 6 months ago Report

Hi there, not sure if you'll see this but someone's posted some of your art onto e-hentai.org. I only bring it up as you ask for people not to repost your work elsewher.


Posted by HypnoBitch 7 months ago Report

You're a really good artist.


Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! I hope you enjoy whatever I post next~

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Posted by FoF 1 year ago Report

Oh geez, I'm honored ;w;


Posted by Sopix 2 years ago Report

Finally you came up on my feed, so glad to find you again.

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Posted by eaterjolly 2 years ago Report

General writing critique:
* You rely too heavily on Eka's portal to give your writing context. You seem to have acknowledged that.
* Citron has a very religious symbolic meaning as a quintessential potent penetrating perfume, so citrine (a colour based on that fruit), for which you have a prey character named, turns out anti-ironic in your writing.
* Your prey tend to, too emphatically interpret vore as fate, rather than a neutral karma.
* Character driven plot makes morals more difficult to glean from your narrative. I suggest trying to refine your character archetypes. Terry Pratchett excels at designing archetypal characters.

If I may speak boldly to your intentions as a writing, I say I believe you share many of your intentions as a writer with another Eka's Portal writer you might not have yet met by the handle ItsSongxing.


I genuinely believe you might help each other greatly, especially with inspiration.


Posted by x9comega 2 years ago Report

Curious, thoughts on Spinel?


Posted by WhiteShiningDiamond 2 years ago Report

I love your art it looks so squishy and soft UWU~!

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