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Hiya, I'm Nyx! I'm a very plain and boring girl, and I'm not actually a voreaphile either, sorry.
I started drawing vore for my significant other several years ago, and when suggested to try and offer it in my commissions, I figured why not! Throughout my time here in the vore community, my artwork has gone through many changes in quality and style, so I hope that what ever I do next stays appealing and interesting for you!

I am currently not taking any commissions for the foreseeable future as I'm a massive idiot and took on way too much work. I am currently doing my best to fulfill everything I owe. Thank you for your continued patience and support! ♥
I'll be making a sort of tip jar account next year (2022), so if you want to show your appreciation for my efforts, you'll be able to do so then!

Please don't PM me for roleplays, art requests, art trades or commissions.
Please don't use my own characters for your roleplay profiles, they were not made for you or your degenerate fetishes.

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You guys don't need to chew each other out over using my work as reference material...
You're all welcome to color my line art pieces, use my drawings as inspiration for your own, hell you're free to trace my stuff too if you really want.

All that I ask is that if you do use any of my works, just link the original piece(s) or pop me a little credit. I don't want people to speak on my behalf or defend my works when I didn't even get to say anything. ;;

You also don't even need to PM me or ask for my permission, but you're welcome to do so if you're still uncertain.

If you're worried someone is using my work maliciously, either bring it to my attention or report it to moderators first, please do not cause a disturbance.

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Posted by KuyaFred 12 days ago Report

Well just wanted to say love your work and hope your staying safe during this time


Posted by TavTheBored26 1 year ago Report

Just to let you know, your not boring, stay safe.


Posted by Lbobl 1 year ago Report

(late) happy birthday!


Posted by Keiganib 1 year ago Report

Hey, your art is absolutely amazing! I love it so much. Your line work is so clean and perfect. Keep up the amazing work!


Posted by DarkStarChan 2 years ago Report

Hey I just found you and I wana say your art is kickass :>


Posted by Daru 2 years ago Report

Love your stuff!

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Posted by AlwaysHungry 2 years ago Report

Happy Birthday! Here’s to you! *head pat*

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