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I'm reorganizing all my shit and part of that is I'm gonna try to stop neglecting Eka's, so here's some crap.

★ Pls stop sending me PMs here, this is literally my worst inbox lol. If you want something, email me since it goes to my phone.
★ Com info has been updated to not be 3 years old.
★ Page formatting has been updated to not be as horrible.
★ I wanna make vore more often, so expect a slow drain of all the vore crap that's accumulated in my Patreon dropbox. But a lot of them are really old so submissions might not be on par with current standards till they run out.
★ Ana nerfs when I am sick of seeing her in every god damn match.

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Posted by JamCat 1 month ago

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by porlay 6 months ago

You should do more with Android 21.


Posted by supernova 7 months ago

Thank you very much for the favorite! Wow, your work is impressive!


Posted by Turbotowns 10 months ago

Sup, I came here from tumblr looking for your Tatsumaki(One Punch Man) pic.


Posted by kramooo 1 year ago

Happy Vore Day


Posted by Geemer 1 year ago

I really like the art, but the best part of this artist is the music that comes with it. Either stuff that I had never heard of, or stuff I love, but haven't listened to in a while.


Posted by randomsnake 1 year ago

you, uhh... you draw gud.


Posted by Agora 2 years ago

I don't think I ever saw you reply to anything, but Sacrifest! being your third fav ever is rather awesome, thanks!

Keep doing that super sexy, sleek line art you do, and writing those speech bubbles that really hit the sweet spot every time.


Posted by WolfJew 2 years ago

Just wanted to mention that, along with Alpha, CakeInferno and Silkysworld, you do my favorite vore stuff ever. Your draughtsmanship is flawless and the scenes you draw are unbelievably sexy!


Posted by KamiKaze1337 3 years ago

Very awesome stuff ya have here bro!


Posted by Crash 3 years ago

Heya. Didn't realizes you were on Eka's too. Glad I spotted ya

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