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Spring Cleaning Posted 5 years ago
I'm reorganizing all my shit and part of that is I'm gonna try to stop neglecting Eka's, so here's some crap.

★ Pls stop sending me PMs here, this is literally my worst inbox lol. If you want something, email me since it goes to my phone.
★ Com info has been updated to not be 3 years old.
★ Page formatting has been updated to not be as horrible.
★ I wanna make vore more often, so expect a slow drain of all the vore crap that's accumulated in my Patreon dropbox. But a lot of them are really old so submissions might not be on par with current standards till they run out.
★ Ana nerfs when I am sick of seeing her in every god damn match.
Hurrdurr Posted 6 years ago
Because it's easier than replying to pms.

This is the Patreon account for those who were curious about the aforementioned color votes:

See you nerds later when my Midna video is ready.
Photo Set Posted 7 years ago
Ayy before I forget again.

I keep meaning to post this here and I keep never getting around to it.

If you like photo edits, I made a big vore set with a bunch of Hitomi Tanaka pictures. I can't post em to the forums since they're not my property or whatever.!V4VR3DjY!N1PO8qFP3F2T_wP_AP951IPT5Yc7Mil-ZAmMza1cri8
take thing Posted 7 years ago
People on here keep inquiring about my process and if I stream, etc etc etc. If you want to see how I do my sketches and whatnot, my Picarto has recordings. I stream on weekends.

I rarely stream vore unless someone prompts me to though, so meh.