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Hookaloof's Blog - Content Going Forward Posted 3 months ago

Hey gang, thanks for reading this cool blog

I'm kinda burnt out still, SO I'm, for the first time in the like half a decade since I started drawing, re-evaluating my work output, and I've realized. I've been drawing too much, for too long. And taking on too many big projects, and I haven't really learned how to like... relax. Just draw for fun, not draw because it's what I'm supposed to be doing because I'm an artist. It's lead to some really unhealthy habits, bad sleeping, bad work life balance. SO: I'm taking a step back, not going on hiatus, but learning how to better balance my desire to be an artist with the requirements of being a human.

Part of that is, postponing big projects. I had a few in the pipe I was working towards, programming stuff, big comics,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Sams69694 1 month ago Report

Happy vore day❤ again
Still Love your art style ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Posted by SuperSentaiVelvet 8 months ago Report

Hey, are you okay with Fanart, even with some ocs being prey, like Dirk.


Posted by SuperSentaiVelvet 8 months ago Report

Greetings! I came to ask, is Dirk the Dragonite a 100% pred, or can he be eaten?


Posted by Sams69694 9 months ago Report

Merry Christmas


Posted by Sams69694 1 year ago Report

Happy vore day


Posted by hidaraw147 1 year ago Report

I believe alfa995 and there OC’s should tickle your fancy: https://alfa995.newgrounds.com/


Posted by Seantrooper100 1 year ago Report

Have my doubts on how the Toriel Voricide would end but I'd love it if the ending was either toriel leaves the underground or she meets Chara and is devoured instead.


Posted by KevinK1993 2 years ago Report

@Hookaloof When it comes to vore, what was your first exposure to it and when did you first, see it?


Posted by Koopabrony32 2 years ago Report

You know I've always enjoyed toriel from undertale but all your pics of her make me love her even more and give me plenty of very very naughty ideas which I will implement and creative and most definitely devious ways

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