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Commissions for the Foreseeable Future Posted 3 months ago
I won't be doing them. Ideally ever again if I can help it, but I can't guarantee my heart won't go psycho again, I can guarantee very little in life, but that's my goal.

I love commissions. I love to do them. I do them well. I don't think I charge too much, I deliver on them promptly, and when I do not deliver on them promptly, I communicate the reasons explicitly, quickly, and endeavor to make restorative gestures when I fail to meet the standards I hold myself to. Which is rare! I think in my history as a furry commission artist I have done an excellent job with few missteps, an A- performance if I were to personally evaluate, and truth be told some of my BEST work is commissions, because they're good for getting out of the comfort zone and I work exceptionally hard to...
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Weird low res images???? Posted 3 months ago
dk why half the stuff I uploaded the last few months was like a third of its intended size, but that's fixed now. Sorry about that! Now you can read the comics!
End of Year Personal Updates and Art Stuff (Spam Incoming) Posted 4 months ago
Hello! It is December! Boy I fell off keeping this gallery updated properly, sorry about that! I am planning a massive spam update of like, 100 different pieces, get ready, its absurd. But in a cool way.

I have not stopped drawing, I just stopped posting to a few sites because I find tags annoying and descriptions difficult so social media which asks for zero effort gets my priority. On top of the fact I just... Kinda like to draw just for myself? Like, I think there are easily, EASILY, over 40 drawings I have done, finished, completely rendered and then... Posted nowhere. I'll try and change that so folks can see the stuff but honestly I think its kind of a healthy adjustment. There is no question of "Do I draw for attention? Wealth, Fame, Power?" the answer is no,...
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Updates and stuff Posted 6 months ago
Hey there! Been a bit since I updated folks here or updated my gallery.

I've been doing a lot of work, a lot of art, and a lot of health improvement stuff, so it's about time to post a little info about how life has been going!

Firstly: Health! A few months ago, I almost had a heart attack/stroke! Blood Pressure was at an average of 185/120 for almost half a week, which in Blood Pressure terms is "Hey, so, you're gonna die" levels of pressure. So I spent a while dealing with that, lots of testing, healthy lifestyle changes, all that good stuff. Got on a medicine that helps with Blood Pressure, and also spent all of my money doing it! But as of recently it's at an average of 118/62! So... Yay!

Secondly: Art stuff! I did have to take some...
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Content Going Forward Posted 10 months ago
Hey gang, thanks for reading this cool blog

I'm kinda burnt out still, SO I'm, for the first time in the like half a decade since I started drawing, re-evaluating my work output, and I've realized. I've been drawing too much, for too long. And taking on too many big projects, and I haven't really learned how to like... relax. Just draw for fun, not draw because it's what I'm supposed to be doing because I'm an artist. It's lead to some really unhealthy habits, bad sleeping, bad work life balance. SO: I'm taking a step back, not going on hiatus, but learning how to better balance my desire to be an artist with the requirements of being a human.

Part of that is, postponing big projects. I had a few in the pipe I was working towards, programming stuff, big comics,...
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Animation Commission Experiment Posted 1 year ago
Hey gang! It's time for "Hookaloof thinks commissions for complex things like animations sound like fun" time. And as such, I'm gonna be doing some! Tummy shrink/digestion animations in the same vein as this one ( ) , for a base price of $150, featuring full coloring and full sound between 30 seconds to a minute in length!

Since Animations have historically been a huge pain commission wise I've been hesitant to take them, I'm gonna be instituting a google form to try and organize ideas. I'm gonna be picky with the initial batch at the very least, ideas that have lots of good references and clear directions will be prioiritized over more nebulous descriptions or super complex poses/angles or ideas with lots of camera work (AT LEAST...
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Cooldown Period Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone after going for like a month straight with zero breaks my body is shutting down and I gotta take a little bit of time. When I return, I will be focusing on a number of projects, those being
-The Gooey comic (Yes it's still being worked on it's just WAY more work than I thought it would be and I'm trying to make it real good)
-Voretober stuff
-Other comic projects
-Owed game from raffle (If you like hungry kangaroos, you'll like this!)
-Another game featuring sharks with big boobies
-More Toriel
-More animations at some point
-More streams

And that'll carry me through to 2023. I doubt I'll get it all done in 4 months BUT you never know! Regardless, see y'all in a bit.
Taking a very short break Posted 1 year ago
As luck would have it right after taking a bunch of commissions I got super burnt out. I've finished about 6 of the ones I've taken, that's about half. But I need to rest up for JUST a bit so I'm not gonna be drawing for like, till the end of May. Not a long time but still worthy of mention for those lovely folks who gave me their money. I'll be back in action soon!
Experimental goatmom themed commissions opening Posted 1 year ago
Hey everybody, I like drawing Toriel, you might have noticed that. I also need money after spending tooooo much at FWA. I have a lot of projects I am doing right now, but few of them pay the bills, SO I will be doing something special.

I'm gonna open up for discounted, full color commissions, as long as those commissions in some way involve Toriel. If it has Tori in it, it's $40. Want her with a big full tum? $40! Wanna commission her giving your sona a hug? $40. Wanna EAT the goat mom? Can't say that's the way I'd want it but hey, still $40.

I'll probably open up for regular commissions here not too far in the future, but if you want a discount and like the goat mom, now's your chance! This is probably gonna have absolutely zero people interested lmao, BUT IF YOU...
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Hey I'm gonna do NSFW stuff now Posted 2 years ago
Let me be clear: Most of what I make is "NSFW", it's fetish art, not for kids or for the workplace, but what I mean is I'm gonna be in the future drawing more anatomically correct nudity and sex junk. I'll tag these posts with in the title, just so you know to avoid it if that's not your shtick or what you've come to expect from the Hookaloof Brand(tm).