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"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

My Philosophy during my stay around here = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83hPjhqzGnA

My characters and the world that they live in is my second home and friends. Is it insanity? Probably, but I enjoy it, so I don't care. I have frequent conversations and scenes with them, most of which I'd love to draw. Lucid dreaming is something I took refuge to when the world I physically exist in failed me, so, I reside in two worlds, one as a happily infected.. monster, and this one.. Where the only thing that's redeemable is Family.

Crazed Demon lover, lost my mind years ago when I had the displeasure of attending that prison they justify as 'school'. Often seen creating hungry monstergirls, usually of the Demon variety. Tools of the trade include a Mouse, Keyboard and the depraved lump of smartmeat in my head. May doodle differently to other doodlees, I don't sketch for starters, it seems pointless and I've never needed it. I also will likely never livestream because my methods of drawing may be bizarre and frustrating to some folks.. But I have my way, and not any other way!

I take commissions whenever I'm not enduring an art block, so about 2% of the time.

Interests include: Dark Places, Fear Factory, Demongirls, Hungry Demongirls and Corrupting Innocent Minds.

Has a burning hatred for the human race in general based solely on every experience endured to present. I'm digitally approachable sure, but only because you and I are words on a screen.

ALL of my characters are Pred-Only, unless I say otherwise.

Birthday = 31/12

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I'm going to crawl out of my shell a bit to those who would like to do some Art Trades. I've recently found a spark for drawing again and even if I fall out of my loop again I can still resume after.

I'm going to start with 3 slots because it's manageable and gives me variance should I get more than one on the go at once, but doesn't overwhelm me either.

A Will/Won't list is hard to craft off the top of my head which is why I'll be doing this via PMs. SO! PM me if you want to draw together~ Writing is fine too!

List and status will be updated whenever I'm around to do so, so it's probably 90% accurate but ah well. Even if my list is full, I'll throw ya on a reserve list in the order you came should I actually get that busy.

So yeah, here goes! Send me a PM if you're interested!:

[ Continued ... ]

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You are welcome!


Posted by woshingo2 3 weeks ago

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No probelm, i always like your art and i thought i was watching you and turns out no so yeah, i start following you :D

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Posted by Mech__Warrior 3 weeks ago

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You're welcome~


Posted by Yidra 4 weeks ago

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You're welcome :D


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You're welcome.


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Posted by Sebistan 1 month ago

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You're welcome! Keep making that great content!


Posted by Crystalshadowlugia 2 months ago

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your welcome. love your art by the way keep up the beautiful work!


Posted by Emerald192 2 months ago

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No prob

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