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Crazed Demon lover, lost my mind years ago when I had the displeasure of attending that prison they justify as 'school'. Often seen creating hungry monstergirls, usually of the Demon variety. Tools of the trade include a Mouse, Keyboard and the depraved lump of smartmeat in my head. May doodle differently to other doodlees, I don't sketch for starters, it seems pointless and I've never needed it. I also will likely never livestream because my methods of drawing may be bizarre and frustrating to some folks.. But I have my way, and not any other way!

I take commissions whenever I'm not enduring an art block, so about 2% of the time.

Interests include: Dark Places, Fear Factory, Demongirls, Hungry Demongirls and Corrupting Innocent Minds.

Has a burning hatred for the human race in general based solely on every experience endured to present. I'm digitally approachable sure, but only because you and I are words on a screen.

ALL of my characters are Pred-Only, unless I say otherwise. If you are kind enough to doodle my OCs, CONSULT ME FIRST. Lack of surprise is a million times better than an unpleasant one.

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I'm going to go against everything I stand for and take a few paid commissions from those who want to pay me to draw for them.

I've been pretty vocal in the past about how I hate cash-grab artists, and my prices won't be ridiculous like £60 for lineart, £100 for colour.

Why am I suddenly doing this? Well, since I'm a 'peasant' who didn't blow money on fancy education, no fucker will hire me, despite proving I'm more than capable. So I'm taking matters into my own hands until they decide otherwise.

So! Given my nature, those who want to commission me, SEND ME A PM with your idea and I'll add you to the list. DO NOT send me money until I tell you too as you all know I'm pretty slow. I will only be accepting 3 commissions at a time, so if I'm fully booked, don't worry, keep trying I'll...
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Posted by PastaBoi 7 days ago

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Welcome you beautiful succubus~


Posted by dokudoku 2 weeks ago

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And thank you for the very well drawn art. ^^


Posted by skatedriver43 3 weeks ago

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Posted by KimberlyNSFW 4 weeks ago

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no problem


Posted by nigward 1 month ago

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No prob sweet cheeks


Posted by Twinkle 1 month ago

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~yyyA :3


Posted by Twinkle 1 month ago

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Gotta watch that cute demon! *Picks up binoculars*


Posted by Vorishsuicune 4 months ago

Thanks for watching me c:


Posted by TastyHooman 4 months ago

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No prob, buddy :3


Posted by Fathner 4 months ago

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Keep up the great work :)


Posted by SuccubusChara 4 months ago

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I can fix that.~


Posted by SuccubusChara 4 months ago

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...if you ever feel like talking (or somethin' else), here: Howlin'AtTheMoon#4012

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