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Late 2019 Update,

I dont do much vore anymore unless rarely requested as a commission, so if you got updates, its because its been commissioned basically. So this is mostly a dead account.

I dont take commissions from this website, so if you want something, you can go scout me out on my other social medias.

Thanks and take care.

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Ill be very honest, im not a fan of making comics as commissions outside of close friends, but i keep being asked about the "Ahris hungry adventure" comic, over and over and ill be frank...its damn annoying now.

Its a commissioner funded project and i dont really plan on pushing more of it out myself as im not super into it at this point. It was fun when i did it but so much time has passed id rather make a new one completely. One could say it kick started the old popularity of this account.

Ive seen a bunch of vore artists do patreon for comics, do you think it would be worth me doing it and using is as a base for vore comics, Ive seen some of those accounts with like $5000+ a month, its damn insane...

It would mean i have financial...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Sothe123 6 months ago Report

Amazing art as always, also question have you ever drew Camilla from fire emblem


Posted by LimelleBoi 11 months ago Report



Posted by PuritySpring 1 year ago Report

It's good to see your art improving! Keep up the good work!


Posted by Spookums 1 year ago Report

I've been watching you for quite a while. I liked some of your art, which is what made me follow you, and while all of your art is admittedly special, most of it was "meh" at best for me. I just have to say that after your recent decision to focus your aryion page to be for vore only, on top of your recent excellent improvements in drawing, your art appeals to me much more than it used it. I'm just very happy to see how much better you have become and wanted to express that to you. Stay awesome, dude.


Posted by JCA 1 year ago Report

Tks for the Watch ! :)


Posted by Evergreenplate 1 year ago Report

Good luck with your YCH!


Posted by Yidra 1 year ago Report

I can't believe I didn't found you before :O Great art!!!


Posted by Potatomaximus 2 years ago Report

Queston: Is your OC Oki supposed to be some sort of personification of you?


Posted by Potatomaximus 2 years ago Report

Just wanted to shout out to the guy who commissioned the ahri comic. You're awesome


Posted by smog1 2 years ago Report

Your artwork is amazing :D

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