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Empress Twi's Royal Domination (Gas, Scat) By Optica -- Report


Before watching, please keep in mind that this animated short contains the following:
⚫ Face-sitting
⚫ Farting
⚫ Ass Torture
⚫ Implied Scat Eating
⚫ Shrinking
⚫ Oral Vore
⚫ Implied Digestion

If you're not into that kind of thing, then do not watch! Also no, there won't be any "alternate" versions. It is what it is!

"The Empress toys around with her puny pink sub, giving her a front row seat to her glorious booty, toxic bombs, and her maw. She ends the day sleeping and releasing the remains of the once pink pony in a glorious showing of confetti. Dreaming to do that to her and every other sub in the future."

A special commission for  MrM (aka MysteryL). This was almost an entire year in development. Can you believe it? It would have been far sooner, but a lot of factors came into play during production. Back-logged commissions, ideas, technical difficulties, and other changes. Stuff like that. It was far from easy, but I learned a lot of things along the way, and I couldn't have been more proud with the outcome. Special thanks to  Neoar2000 for the tweaked model of Twilight!

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Posted by MrM 4 years ago Report

Perfection in every way <3

Thanks Opti ^^


Posted by Optica 4 years ago Report

I'm glad! <3


Posted by Neoar2000 4 years ago Report

Opti, you magnificent bastard. You did an amazing job with this. Love it <3.

Also, I'm always glad to help ;3


Posted by lonelypaintbucket 4 years ago Report

god I wish I was Pinkie in this vid <3
being smothered under her smelly ass like that


Posted by Neoar2000 4 years ago Report

Same, I love her so much <3


Posted by TheRPKing 4 years ago Report

Love this so much


Posted by FernandoJesus 4 years ago Report

It's Beautiful, Congratulations :)


Posted by CrystalKiller88 4 years ago Report

This was one of your funnier videos, I must say.

Can I take this as Twilight's revenge for all the Pinkamina videos you've done?


Posted by Prancer 4 years ago Report



Posted by Absentia 4 years ago Report

Just thinking about all the ponies it took twilight To earn that butt is so hot all on its own, let alone seeing her Enjoying Sharing the fruits of her labour With Pinky.


Posted by Neoar2000 4 years ago Report

Yeah, that's fucking unf! <3


Posted by Anesthetic 4 years ago Report

After all that just regular Micro OV...


Posted by Gelus 4 years ago Report

Wow, that one was really impressive. Your work is always good quality but this was a cut above even the usual.

Also, I am awful and your scat-feeding moments are probably my favorite thing, losing out only to disposal.

Putting a big, juicy ass to use smothering and gassing a sub though, that's always a treat. Fart/Ass Torture are things that don't show up often.


Posted by Neoar2000 4 years ago Report

Indeed. More so if Twi is the Dom. I love it <3


Posted by DarkPinkie 4 years ago Report

Well, I am going to say that this was not my cup of tea, but I can really appreciate the craftmanship that went into this. Of course one can always improve, but you are already pretty skilled in the art of SFM. Also all the muffled shouting caused me to chuckle, so there is that.


Posted by ublover1 4 years ago Report

so much gas love it


Posted by Sith 4 years ago Report

That scream she made going down the throat and in the belly was actually... super well done. Great bulges too, not shabby at all. ^^


Posted by Jackal3 4 years ago Report

Just want to say number 1, great intro me being off work for a while!!! ^__^
number 2, i swear the facesitting and that big butt just felt like teasing, cuz my heart was still hoping to see anal vore happen!!!
but number 3, most of all, was surprised taht the scat eating , the IMPLIED scat ending, actually made me happy just as much as regular scat popping up!!!
This had to have been difficult, but it was amazing!!! stellar work Optica!!!


Posted by Derpity 4 years ago Report

Could i draw your oc optica?


Posted by Rygami375 4 years ago Report

I'd love to see more ponies with gigantic asses like that.


Posted by CG22 4 years ago Report

That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I really wanted to be Pinkie


Posted by Vorachist22 10 months ago Report

I love this so much.