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I em Bjorn Bjornsson the Nordinavian hero!

Enought silly...

I'm just your average lazy guy living in Scandinavia, not that being average is any bad. I do aspire to become a good artist and contribute some of my art to this site as the many good artists from Eka's have been an inspiration from several years ago.

Sadly with a WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction) around I never really seem to sit down and simply doing the practice I need to get better. Maybe one day I will be able to throw off the shackles of the internet and finally pick up the pen, but until then I will continue being the lazy git that I am and procrastinate everything.

Skill - Skill level

Drawing - Bad to Meh
Writing - Fairly Decent, can put in some effort to crank something somewhat good out.
Music - Embarasingly bad
Acting - Great... Um... Why is this here?
Pick Up Skills - How does this have to do with this site?
Sexual Performance - What the hell? Stop it!
Frustrat- *twacks the machine with a lead pipe... repeatedly*

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Feel free to add any requests here as it will help fight my endless procrastination.

Simpler requests would be prefered, but anything goes really. All images will be put in a special folder here on Eka's. Requester(s) will be credited in the description of the image (if you want to anonymously request you could always just PM me your request instead).

Also would like to note that I personally feel a "First Come, First Served" style of doing these would be ideal I am not going to lie that it will be that way. But I will keep the mantra in mind.

Will maybe do:
Cock vore
Graphic digestion

Won't do:
Hard vore
Complex Backgrounds

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Posted by Lucky 1 year ago

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Oh, that's this one!



Posted by Lucky 1 year ago

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Really? It was unfinished. Just a picture of a big-bottomed nerdy girl and a deer(?) in a cloak.


Posted by Komodo 2 years ago

<< Reply To DarkPinkie

Well, I just sent home my best friend with a REALLY wet shoe and somewhat ragged shoe-laces ^^' she doesn't really "eat" them as much as suck on any cloth, maybe chews a little on the strings. She's very careful with her teeth, not big on gnawing on bones or the like. And she is QUITE energetic, yes ^^'


Posted by jonathan123 2 years ago

Hi pink


Posted by DriftArchangel 2 years ago

Thanks for the watch<3

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Posted by Humbug 2 years ago

Thanks for watchin'! :)

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Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago

Thanks for the watch. :3

... Finally.

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Posted by ryanshowseason3 3 years ago

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Just hang on. A commissioned story is on the way. ;)


Posted by Komodo 3 years ago

Hey mate, thanks a bundle for the moving letter!
And thanks again for watching! =D I hope you'll
enjoy future uploads and whatnot <3


Posted by Komodo 3 years ago

<< Reply To DarkPinkie

It actually started at 20... I've had long hair covering it up for like 3 years before I had the guts to actually cut it. My long hair used to be my pride as a teen, now I'll settle for growing my beard like a lesser hipster ,:)


Posted by MirceaKitsune 3 years ago

Just found your gallery for the first time :)

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Posted by justanothermeal 3 years ago

thank you for watching me, though given the number of comments you have made, i thought you already were

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