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Your average artist without a specific skill in anything, but a wide fascination and active interest for most things in crafting and writing. Therefor I have a bit of experience with everything!
I picked up the nickname Komodo a few years ago as the Komodo Varan became somewhat of my spiritual animal (though it is really just the animal most simular to me), besides, until then I had been known as "DragonKid91". A name hard to bear when you're a 7-foot Scandinavian with Brown beard and hawaiian shirt.
I have hanged on this site for years, though not until recently made an actual account for myself. This due to me being extremely socially awkward and had major shyness issues for many years. But ever since I started here and posting my work, I've met so many wonderful friends and talented artists that I never wanna go back to the time before!

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Welp, I am finally getting along with my new computer!
Office, Anti-Virus, Chrome, Skype, Discord, passwords and links and other details!
Starting to feel like home. A bit empty still, but I've had spartan computers before!
Now. Like I mentioned last time, I lost my old laptop due to a sudden no-hints-given
crash of the harddrive. Lost 400+ solid pages of unfinished stories, but most of them
I had given up on or just couldn't bring myself to scrap and start over. I am a hoarder
of useful items... and phrases... and descriptions... and ideas in general!!
But, starting is kinda nice! Frustrating at times, but nice!
Not sure where I'd be upload-wise if not for Saint, who was kind enough to accept a
commission of mine just before the crash, so he really saved my bacon on that one.
But for...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by BlueFox 4 days ago

Hey there, just wondering if you have any plans of continuing your world of warcraft story with your tauren or making a new one? With BFA I am sure there is a lot of wonderful opportunities with the new expansion.


Posted by Wolfhound9 8 months ago

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Posted by joe26 10 months ago

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Hey Komodo!! not a problem take your time with your stuff tho it only makes it better.


Posted by eatmeplease 1 year ago

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Aww well I hope you feel better soon friend! ^^_^^

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Posted by eatmeplease 1 year ago

*gives a warm four armed hug* ❤️

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Posted by FSM 1 year ago

Hey, you okay?


Posted by Kartomic 1 year ago

Any chance you'll be continuing your Metroid story?


Posted by booleanTrue 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave man!


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago

So how is Pepsi coming along? Eaten any of your shoes yet? I know Golden Retriever puppies can be quite energetic.

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Posted by saintheartwing 2 years ago

Hey dude! Hope you're doing well!


Posted by SerathTheDevourer 2 years ago

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I appreciate it!

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